xBT implant not longer available?

Hi All,

I saw that the xBT is no longer available.
Where is this still available?

Damn, out of stock at KSEC too.

I guess your nearest friendly vet should be able to procure one. The xBT is a stock Destron Fearing LifeChip with Bio Thermo.

I never did anything with mine if you or anyone else is interested.

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I think this :arrow_up: is a far better option than this :arrow_down:

dibs :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I was just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

Matter of fact, if I could remove mine and sell it to someone who wants one, I would. I don’t use it, because there’s a fundamental problem with the xBT: it has no use case.

Let me explain: say you want to take your temperature quick. What do you do?

  • Grab your $100 SureSense reader or $30 Halo scanner, stick it under your arm where your $50 + $20 installation xBT should be, beep, add 1 degree, done.


  • Grab your $15 Wallyworld tympanic thermometer, stick it in your ear, beep, add 1 degree, done

See where I’m going with this?

It doesn’t even provide coolness or bragging factor (which is a valid added value) because you’re likely to take your temperature at home when you’re sick, and the cat doesn’t give a shit how you take your temperature. Although the cat would his: if you stick an xBT in his neck and take his temperature with the Halo rather than ram a thermometer up his poop chute, he’ll like you a lot better :smile:

I had the idea of building a continuous temperature monitor, for medical or sports applications, using a battery-powered BT FDX-B reader. That would be one valid use case - although not a very widespread one. I got as far as contacting a small company in the Netherlands, dropping half a grand on one of their reader prototypes that they swore, cross their heart and hope to die, that it would report the extended application bytes that contain the temperature in the Destron Fearing protocol, and wrote a whole bunch of software for it. Turned out, it doesn’t, and the company stopped talking to me after making the sale. Since I’m at it, I might as well drop their name for Google to index:

GHiTECH: if you value your time and money, stay the fuck away from them.

There I said it. I promised myself I wouldn’t out them, as they’re just a small design shop, but just reminiscing about them reminds me that I’m still super salty about how they treated me. So why not…

Anyhow, back to the subject of the xBT: what it really needs is to be an NFC implant. If it was NFC, there would be a real use case: you can ditch the dedicated thermometer and get your temperature anytime, anywhere with your phone. Now THAT would be useful.

Incidentally Amal, wasn’t there an ongoing project to create a NFC temperature-sensing implant? Was it dropped or am I remembering wrong?

I’m still assessing a few commercial NFC thermometer patches that would provide enough range to be implanted deep enough to report something close to the core temperature, with a view to sending it to Amal for conversion into an implant, but I’ve yet to find one that ticks all my boxes.

Having said all that, don’t think for one second that I regret getting my xBT: it works great, and it provided me with many enjoyable hours of hacking fun. But as it is, I’m forced to admit it’s pointless for a human being.

I meant, Safer DT product which I assume is resin filled as opposed to an unknown supplier

Actually in this case, you’re perfectly safe getting a Destron Fearing LifeChip with Bio Thermo from just about any semi-serious veterinarian products supplier, because that’s exactly what an xBT is. As far as I can tell, DT just rebranded it - which also explains why it’s the only one in DT’s lineup that has a parylene coating.

Better: if you want to double-check the chip you got, just run it past a Bio Thermo-enabled reader or a Proxmark3, and if it reports a temperature, you can be 99% sure it’s the real McCoy. There are only 2 manufacturers of temperature-sensing implants and they’re not compatible - and the Destron Fearing chip hasn’t turned up as a clone on the grey market as far as I know.

It was, at least I have heard of that some months ago as well. I just thought about that a few days ago, and I had the same thought - maybe I just missed that the project was abandoned? But since at least we both don’t remember that it was ditched (if it was, I still hope we’ll get an NFC temperature sensor…), we might just get on @amal 's nerves a bit :wink:

Its hard to beat something like this:

Also, not quite “injectable”, but: Ingestible Thermometer Pill

Except it’s kinda useless… it reads your finger temperature, which isn’t helpful for medical diagnosis.

The pill is something else, but … flushing electronic waste seems kinda like a waste.

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I guess you could always have a custom encapsulated Cupltag :rofl:

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what I know is that “dsruptive” has one - at the moment, they are testing it.
Hipefully it will be avaible for the public soon


Yeah we were on that in 2019. You and I have talked about this before. Unfortunately all our development went into the same chip as they were using on those Brady temperature tags you threw away. It’s an inaccurate thermometer as well as only being programmable via the physical interface, despite the fact that they advertise it can be field programmed.

We’ve moved on to other solutions, but we’re halting all other development for now while we get the Apex off the ground. It’s tough, man


Hi Rosco!

I actually made an account on here just to contact you about this. My current dream mod is a continuous core body temperature tracker that is accurate to .01°C, but would be satisfied with .05°C. Do you have any updates on your project?

Also, I still think a regular temperature sensor would be useful. I am a female, and I check my oral temperature every morning as soon as I wake up to be able to tell when I have ovulated. Having a chip to scan would be better than an oral thermometer because it avoids complications like mouth breathing while winter camping. It would be worth it for me to carry a dedicated scanner.
I’m heavily considering buying an xBT from a vet supplier just to try it out. The .1°C resolution is not as really good as required for this application, but I’d try it for a few months alongside the oral thermometer to see if it’s fairly reliable.


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I suppose there may be an NDA or something but are you able to say if it can be read with a phone or proxmark?

Dang I wanted in on that too.

There was an open beta invitation but you have to live in specific parts of Europe to participate sadly :frowning:

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Going to get one installed in a few weeks.

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but I won’t really murder you. Throw flowers! I finally own a gun after getting out of the military. Been 8 years. I dislike them kinda now tbh

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