xBT installation

Hello everyone,

After the necessary research and research I was able to get a few xBT’s :slight_smile:
See the result below :slight_smile:

download (1)


A part of me wishes I had grabbed one of those when they were still available.

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@chipman did you just get direct from manufacturer? what price?
The bio coating puts me off a bit as removal would be more difficult.

I still have 5 available here.

it’s only a tag, preloaded.

what @mekhos propably meant is the BioBond Coating on the Chip.

Its a coating against migration so the chip will create a bond with the surrounding tissue and “grow in”


All the Chips currently sold by DT dont have this coating since it makes removal harder
and i even heard rumors that it can lead to tumors? (i dont want to spread misinformation, i heard it somewhere but i have no data on it)

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Only if you’re a genetically modified lab rat that’s prone to developing tumors… I don’t think that any of you fit this criteria.

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Is it possible to remove somehow?

Most extreme thing I can think of is some kind of acid? That glass should be unharmed unless I really don’t remember chemistry

Edit to add,
That doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good idea

i think the coating is made from some kind of polymer - parylene?

Yep, I remember we’ve had various discussions about it, it’s brittle and tricky to apply, but most of
The discussion was how/when/if you could ADD it to an implant like the flexnext to prevent rotation

I don’t think we ever asked if you can remove it

Yes, it is a polymer so acids are not likely to work here.

Maybe with a strong solvent? Or removing it mechanically?

Please don’t try this unless you know exactly what you are doing.

You can just pull it off, it’s only on 1 side.
At least that was the case when amal bought those exact chips.

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I think I grabbed one of the last ones before DT stopped carrying them (in my ribs/armpit area right now). Whenever I try to explain our implants to other people the xBT always seems to make the most sense to people. It’s really not that cool compared to other chips provided by DT but I guess that’s just my opinion!

I’m still working on making a lithium-ion jacket that has a wrist mounted display so you can always measure your temperature from the xBT.

the ones that i found are 14$ per piece. thats actually cheap!
i just found them for 5 au$ per piece

Economies of scale… And when you remove the cost of all the other goodies that DT includes, the labor cost of repackaging, warranty costs, and Amal’s oprtunity cost, things do get cheaper.

Seem to have left yourself out of that statement…



Guys are making me consider an xBT now


Are the non DT venders safe(ish?) given that DT wasn’t really making it


I assume that the one I posted is safe enough :slight_smile:

I mean unless someone fakes horse chips, this is a real xBT

So what’s the point of an xBT when there are laser thermometers that can do the same without the chip?

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