xBT MRI compatibility?

Hey. I have an xBT in my armpit. Any advice on going through an MRI and/or CT scan with it?

I don’t have an xBT, but I had to get a CT scan instead of an MRI due to the doc knowing about my xG3s, didn’t have any issues with the xG3 or other implants.
CT is like a bunch of x-rays taken together iirc instead of witchcraft magnetry.

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I believe the consensus is that non-magnet x-series do not cause a problem with MRIs


@Satur9 even took the ride with a magnet I believe
(Interesting demo, but probably don’t do lol)


The material in the RFID and NFC tags is ferromagnetic, but it’s specifically made to be easy to flip the field in it without inducing heat so that it can work well for higher frequency communication. There’s been testing and it will be fine in an MRI.

Magnets not so much, be very careful with those