MRI results with NeXT and xLED implants

So… to all fellow implantees, I decided to be a guinea pig, as I desperately needed an MRI, however I was not willing to cut out my implants. I have a NeXT and an HF xLED implant in my left hand. (I had to remove my vivokey spark for a different reason. It began moving around under my skin and I wasn’t into that) but anyways, I was told by 1 MRI place that they refuse to do the MRI on people like us. So I fiund a different MRI location, and Joke’s on them. You can’t know what you’re never told. I successfully got the MRI with perfect clarity to the imagining. And felt absolutely nothing in my hand as the MRI was happening. Both implants still work flawlessly. This is not an endorsement to lie to doctors. But I just wanted to share my experience that these implants (apart from magnetic ones) are MRI safe.