xBT placement and temperature readings

Indeed it was

I challenge that theory

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Just took the mother of all hot saunas: the back passage thermometer reads 41.5C, IR in-ear thermometer reads 40.5C and the xBT also reports 40.5C.

So, pretty accurate even in high temperature.



Ugh, ok… keeping the quoted post in mind, and I apologize for suggesting something so outré (which is why I censored it), but…

What about a post-orchiectomy scrotum? No organs to shift things around, decent thorax placement, and the biggest combination of pro/con I can think of: it sure as hell hasn’t been attempted in the course of humankind

…although it’d be pretty funny to tap the Halo on yr junk whenever you wanna do a reading.

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Should be fine

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There is one location for a xBT I’ve been thinking about for a while, that would yield almost perfectly accurate temperature readings and wouldn’t require implantation in the traditional sense: the bladder. Push the chip up in there, and it should float around happily and be readable through the lower abdomen with a decently powerful reader - which the Halo is.

The reason I haven’t done it yet? I bet you anything the chip eventually will find its way down the drain hole, just above the prostate, thin end first, and block the flow of urine like a friggin’ bathtub stopper. That means an emergency trip to the hospital, and not tomorrow.

There would have to be a way to give the chip a shape that would prevent it from ever entering the urethra or blocking it in any way, but since it’s glass, it’s not gonna happen.

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I bet you’d pass it like a kidney stone.

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I know enough to want to avoid finding out :slight_smile:

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Now I’m curious as to the displacement / specific gravity of the xSeries implants. Will they float in fresh water, blood, urine, etc…

Er… Why did this end up in here? I meant to post it in the xBT thread

Pilgrimsmaster, maybe you could move it?

Even if it floats, the flow of urine going out will fatally pull it towards the exit.

Thanks bubba! I genuinely have no idea how that ended up in the other thread.

Nah, what’s a little testicle removal between friends?


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How about Smart Balls™️? Sensor equipped prosthetic testicles?

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They could send a notification to yr phone warning you “you swiped left on this chick already”!

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Quick follow-up, in case you’re tempted to do that: I just asked the doctor if it would be safe, as a precaution before going ahead, and she told me foreign objects in the bladder calcify over time and turn into bladder stones. That cooled me right off.

So, don’t.