xBT Stock information

Birisi lütfen bana xBT ürününden kaç tane kaldığını söyleyebilir mi?

Only @amal can tell you

but dont worry, if they are out of stock amal can just reorder them. should only take a few weeks.

I can’t order more then 2 pcs so there are atleast still 2 in stock.

I contacted him and he told me there were a few left.

How many do you want?


Hello Amal, we talked about xbt temperature sensor chips with you in the past months. Now what I want to ask you is this; Are these chips produced by your company? If so, will stocks be replenished? If you are purchasing from another company, can you share this company’s information with me?

Afaik the xBT are off the shelf animal temperature sensing chips.
Amal sources them and creates a package including all the additional things like antiseptic wipes, gloves, etc.

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They are manufactured by Destron Fearing

The product is called Deston Biotherm Lifechip

Correct me if im wrong :sweat_smile:

Do you think they use a specific password to receive data from this and similar products? Do you have any ideas about this?

Which data do you mean?

The temperature?


With a PM3 you can just read it, with a flipper zero too.
i dont think there is a password or any encryption involved.

My friend, I only want to read it with my own system. I have read it before, but I am asking if I can read it from other chips.

Which reader are you thinking about exactly?

what is this own system?

What do you mean by other chips?

I use wl-134 chip reader and stm32, I code and read it myself.

what output are u getting thrugh serial? there isnt a good datasheet for the wl-134 (atleast i was not able to find one)

from whatz i found online It looks like it just prints the uid :person_shrugging:

Can you post the output here?
it might just contain the temperature data and it just needs to be converted from hex to decimal

[quote=“furkanomerc, post:19, topic:1640”]
E7AF884D029D30010000B60000 ⸮


thats ur chips id

im rn trying to find out what the other data means.

Is the chip currently implanted?

If not this could be the temp

E7AF884D029D30010000 76 0000y⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 86 0000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 96 1000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 86 0000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 96 1000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 96 1000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 96 1000v⸮
E7AF884D029D30010000 B6 0000

Convert it to dec and div it by 10

its always around 15-18c then which could be ur room temp.

idk. im just guessing xD

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@darthdomo may have some ideas for you also from his work with this