Xcode temp censing implant

hello. i have a iso 1593 icode based temp censing implant. can i read it with my pm3 easy?

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What commands have you tried so far?

Are you using the "underside: of the bottom PCB?

a simple
hf search

SHOULD find it…
Here’s my Spark

[usb] pm3 --> hf search
[|] Searching for ISO15693 tag...
[+] TYPE: NXP(Philips); IC SL2 ICS20/ICS21(SLI) ICS2002/ICS2102(SLIX) ICS2602(SLIX2)

[+] Valid ISO 15693 tag found

Not wanting to insult you, because I know you have been around for a while, but just making sure, because it is a little trick for xSeries. Placing on top with a full sized card or fob it reads fine, but we need to stack the odds in our favour with our implants

I can detect the tag but can i read the temp?

Ah, apologies; I don’t know the answer to that myself.

But here is the list of commands

hf 15

help             This help
list             List ISO-15693 history
demod            Demodulate ISO-15693 from tag
dump             Read all memory pages of an ISO-15693 tag, save to file
info             Tag information
sniff            Sniff ISO-15693 traffic
raw              Send raw hex data to tag
rdbl             Read a block
rdmulti          Reads multiple blocks
reader           Act like an ISO-15693 reader
restore          Restore from file to all memory pages of an ISO-15693 tag
samples          Acquire samples as reader (enables carrier, sends inquiry)
sim              Fake an ISO-15693 tag
slixdisable      Disable privacy mode on SLIX ISO-15693 tag
wrbl             Write a block
-----------      ----------------------- afi -----------------------
findafi          Brute force AFI of an ISO-15693 tag
writeafi         Writes the AFI on an ISO-15693 tag
writedsfid       Writes the DSFID on an ISO-15693 tag

What have you tried so far?

If I was guessing I would go for

hf 15 reader
or probably
hf 15 samples

@anon3825968 has done a bit of work with some temp sensors, he will likely be of more help than me…

Try sniffing the commands between the tag and app that reads the temp to get the commands you need to read the temp with :wink:

Now you got me super-curious: which? Where did you get it from? Cuz I’ve searched for these things for a fair bit of time and came out dry.

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DSruptive doesn’t sell to inviduals. Are you doing research or something?


Yes it’s a beta-program

Well I’ll tell you what: if you have one to spare, I’ll buy it from you :slight_smile: I’d be curious to run accuracy and precision tests on that chip’s temp sensor. Other NFC temp sensors I’ve tried have been rather underwhelming in that respect. The only decently accurate and precise RFID temp sensor I know of is the Destron Fearing Bio Thermo, but that’s LF. If DSruptive has a chip with similar performances working in HF, I’d be really interested. But somehow I doubt they do.


Oh yeah, and definitely don’t share those commands here after you do so that we can figure out which chip they’re using. That would just be the worst