xDF2 back in stock soon?

Just wondering when these will be back in stock? I can’t seem to find one anywhere.

Same here

Not that it makes a difference - but there’s more than the 2 of you interested :slight_smile:

It’s been very difficult to find a supply of the desfire ev2/3 8KB chips in bare die format without buying a full wafer of them from NXP (extremely expensive)


Out of genuine curiosity what’s the range a full wafer could cost?

I believe the the desfire comes in 12" wafer and runs about $125,000 or so… after all expenses etc. I honestly can’t remember the exact details though because when they told me the cost my brain CTRL-ALT-DEL itself and I woke up crying?


typically what we do is we try to ride coattails… we ask around to find companies who are planning a card run, which means buying a wafer or two… sometimes more… then we ask if we can just buy a few thousand chips off them. Nobody we’ve talked to is making desfire cards with 8kB and I don’t see the point really in making 2kB desfire implants to be honest.