xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC, read/write working for 2 days, then stopped after plane flight

I wonder if “orange help button” can be turned into some kind of macro for discouse… is there a plugin for that? Anyway… back to zzz

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alright for sure, ill get this removed and shipped to you when i can, probably after recovering from the flexdf, made sure it reads well, no need to send me another xdf2 as i will buy a vivokey spark 2 soon instead and get it hopefully in the correction position, happy to be a guinea pig and ive got more chips coming anyway, just tested the flex on the acr, it works, so if the flex fits, works, and works well, ill keep you guys updated on the rest,


Actually… now I’m paranoid… that flexDF2 looks like a slightly older version and I think I’ve updated my welding techniques for antenna connectors on those since then… so I want to send you a replacement flexDF2 that I have double inspected… keep that one as-is and send it back to me with the xDF2.

Is that ok?

I just bought the flexdf2 on August 20th, have you changed the welding technique within the past 28 days?

No but I can tell from the packaging that it’s from older inventory. It’s ok if you feel that it’s good… I just want to be sure you’re happy and you don’t get a double lemon.

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well i’ll get this one chucked into myself, then after 30 days if it fails along with the other one you’ll have two to debug, im fairly confident with it as it is right now, since its reading, and writing well, i will keep you updated.

— i can not write anymore posts for 24 hours, so @yeka
i run a mildly successful cyber security company, im more then financial stable so i dont like refunds especially from companies i want to support/have faith in.

– im shit scared of needles, more stabs less fear. basic cognitive behaviour therapy.


Psst: say yes!
I mean it can only be better than now.

Sure, but idk I’d say yes because I don’t want to potentially be stabbed twice.
But you’re probably right, it works so…
It’s an amazing offer tho’.

My flexDF2 reads as a “DESfire EV1” using the ACR122. Does that mean I somehow received the incorrect implant or is that normal? :upside_down_face:

the acr122u is not doing the tag identification… whatever software you’re using with it is… and if it’s nfc tools, it sucks at tag identification.


I have injected the xsiiid blue and next, and ordered a boatload of other stuff. the led is great, instead of refund for the broken xdf2 could u give me free express shipping i will get the xdf2 removed and shipped back soon.

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Yep I believe Michelle had already taken care of you yes?


cheers mate

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Tuesday 6pm the chip will be removed.