xDF2 // Desktop and Android Tools and Apps

Hey everyone,
what do xDF2 owners typically keep in their arsenal toolbox for desktop and android apps and tools wise. And what functions do they serve?

I looked for such a repo or list here in the forum; wanted to ask before I build a list from scratch.


Well apps wise here is @Pilgrimsmaster’s standard reply about apps:
Tag Writer
Tag Info
NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro

As for PC you would need a reader like this. Not sure on all the software you can use with that yet as mine is still on it’s way.


NFC Shell

(Be careful)


NFC Shell

For the advanced user


I got my xDF2 installed this afternoon, a generous medical professional helped and did the procedure. I will have a separate thread outlining the experience and some feedback.

I tried NXP Tool Pro and TAG Readrr, Writer apps on my android, had some on/off success reading and writing contact info, erasing NDEF But, was unable to set 8digit pwd, and couple of other ops. The pwd setting fails with chip is not-supported err., or not certain chip type or something.

Any xDF2 owners here willing to share how they are utilizing their chip?

Is DT core dev team looking at system or user layer apps for the xdf2?

I was reading thru another vivokey app dev thread earlier and saw mentions of people here looking at building app or server side services for push not fb ns and authN.

Looking forward to joining any conversation on using xdf2 to the fullest extent. Beyond just storing content.


hey everyone,
the xDF2 is settling in my right hand really well. I have been doing some testing with the NFC Tools Pro, NXP Reader/Writer. Looks like it is working as expected.

I am hungry for fully leveraging it for MFA, OTP and similar security capabilities - any suggestions or pointers. But, minus building my own integration with OpenID/OAuth, etc ordeal, I am not finding any other out of the box options or pre-developed OSS.

any suggestions or ideas of where to look or do ?

Are we xDF2’ers alone ? :slight_smile:


Not really… focus is all on VivoKey stuff at the moment

You’ll have a hard time doing that stuff with the DESFire EV2 chip in the xDF2… DESFire EV2 has settable AES and 3DES keys for each AID you define, but it cannot run code… it has pre-defined “file” types which have different features and data handling commands built in, but no arbitrary code execution and definitely not any MFA or OTP features. The desfire stuff is best suited for stored value applications or secure application authentication used in access control usually. Some of the file types also have cyclical data logging for keeping rolling logging data which is sometimes used in object transport, especially between disconnected or unassociated systems. Any kind of OTP or MFA you want to set up using your xDF2 will have to be created, or leverage existing OSS code… but I’ve not seem much in this area for the DESFire chip family.

Your best bet will be to wait for the VivoKey Apex.

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thank you @amal. I am keen to learn when Vivokey Apex will be out - along w/ custom settable service provider so I am not tied to vivokey service like we all discussed in the other thread. How far are you guys w/ getting it out to the market and go-live ? I heard there were some challenges in the other thread.

Apex is constantly being pushed back… we’re thinking around fall this year as of this post.


ouch… yes, I hear the pain…
best wishes in that journey. and will continue to monitor. Thanks

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