xDF2 - “Tag is not NDEF compliant”

Hi there - i just got my xDF2 implanted. I have no experience in formating the tag or change the shell. I just receive for any action the “Tag is not NDEF compliant”. Service asks me to wait a full week until I might use the tag. But the little buddy is directly unter my skin. How can I solve that issue? I use it with an iPhone 8! Thx!

A fresh install is not the best time to try and do anything with an implant, so if you can leave it for approximately 2 weeks.

Also, I would alway reccomend you get a test card to practice with (more so when you are using a ProxMark3)

When it comes time to “play with it”
it sounds like you just want an NDEF container.

Use Tagwriter -for iPhone in the app store
Format NDEF to
7710 bytes

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Answering no creates the largest NDEF container by default. At least on the Android version.

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Cool thanks for that.

I guess that makes sense if all you want is NDEF, but you have the “partition” option to define your own size, so you don’t overwrite other applets etc.