xEM AC V2 Troubles

I recently received my xEM AC V2 and have been toying around with it, but have encountered a problem adding tags. I was able to easily get the “add” and “clear” tags working, but I can’t seem to add any tags (or at least I can’t tell if I’ve added any). Right now, I put the AC in “add” mode and the green LED blinks, indicating it’s ready to add chips. However, I’ve brought t5577 cards, my NExT, and my flexMT to the reader and never get a beep. The light on the board behaves rather irregularly and blinks until I am right up on it, whereupon it just is statically green. There’s never any beep, and it doesn’t seem to reject cards when in normal operating mode either. I suspect it may have to do with the jumpers, but I followed the instructions for regular working mode and shorted S2 pins 2 and 3, as well as S1 pins 1 and 2 (for the 5 second delay). However, nothing seems to have come from it. I’ve linked an album here of all the bits I’m working with, and would be glad to have any help solving the mystery.

Did you put the jumpers back when you were done?

Yep, for S1, pins 1 and 2 have the jumper, S2, pins 2 and 3 have the jumper, and S3 pins 2 and 3 have the jumper

hmm… think you could get a little video of it?

in my experience that strange flashing of the LED is from power fluctuations of the chip trying to read the tag but either the 125khz tag is unrecognized (different data encoding) or there is a lot of noise. double check your antenna is connected properly?

@amal check the album above, there’s a video of me attempting to read a bunch of stuff but sadly to no avail. On my xEM’s in my flexMT and NeXT it’s my ID from a HID Prox card, but I figured it shouldn’t have been an issue.

Update: Changed the UID of one of my cards to something random through the lf em 410x_clone 8C00EE3159 1 code and it was capable of being read by the controller. I tried to read my HID Prox ID with the AC, but no dice. Here are the outputs for the following cards from auto using Iceman:

Update 2: I totally forgot the AC is for xEM and not HID, so the protocols are completely different. I’ve made some xEM cards from t55xx and it’s working like a charm. Sorry for sounding the alarm.

My Original HID Prox School ID:

The Blue Puck Assigned to “add” with the AC (two possible outputs):