xEM Access Controller mod

what mod was done to this i have orderd one from ebay and it dose not work the same eaven thow its the same thing

Most likely, no, they are different things. Just because the outer case looks the same doesn’t mean the insides are the same. Without knowing a model number or anything we really can’t help you.


i have opend up the xem controler and thare is some mod work on the inside the one i am refering to is the one from dangerouthins the one i orderd is alts1-1119 witch dose not have the same mod

I’m reasonably sure that DT does not mod them, they were purchased that way.

If you have an xEM controller that you opened up then just look at it and compare them.

I’m not finding anything with that model number. I’m with @bepiswriter, I doubt they are the same. Upload some pics of it

I can’t find anything regarding an ALTS1-1119 on the internet. Perhaps that’s a serial number and not the model number?

So what exactly doesn’t work the same?

it dose not keep the output on when you keep the tag near the antenna but it has all the same guts part numbers match so i am just going to copy what was done to the one from DT i was looking for a mod list for it so i dont miss some thing