xEM Access Controller v2 My Implementation

This is it all put together. I used a no touch Rex switch and a cheap 600lb mag lock from amazon worked out quite well. The most problematic part was getting the mag lock installed and even that was not that bad just time consuming.

My fancy wiring. I literally hot glued the board to the back of the box. Some may call it lazy, I call it efficient.

The Rex button from Amazon its no touch and sensitive, if I turn the sensitivity all the way up I could probably use it as a motion sensor.

The mag lock in all its glory. I was actually pretty impressed with it for its price. Has actual terminals in it and a control board. Has a latch sensor and spdt relay output on it .

Now for the super fancy card reader. I potted the coil in resin and used a small plastic box to hold it all. Came out pretty well and gave me a way to protect and mount the antenna.




nice never thought of using canned air before. We usually use photography reflectors the really thin ones that pop up. they slide through cracks real easy like. Canned air is a lot less to carry.


There’s video of people using whiskey and a vape to trigger rex sensors

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I have a question: I just got the xEM AC V2… and a simple magnetic lock… how would I wire the lock to the access controller. The lock only has negative and positive… do I need a magnetic lock with all the other wiring options? Or will this one do? If this one will work, what wires do I connect to what?

Thanks so much!

The magnetic lock requires current to be flowing at all times to keep the lock locked… So, you would want to interrupt that flow of current to momentarily unlock the magnetic lock correct? In that case you would use the normally closed contact terminals on the access controller. That means current would flow through the normally closed contacts until an authorized tag was presented, then it would interrupt that current flow for the set amount of time indicated by the jumper pin.

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Got it. I understand the explained concept of why the green wire (NC) would be used for the magnetic lock…

So when the xEM V2 is connected to a 12v power supply, does that mean that there is 12v of power also flowing through the green (NC) wire? Thus all I would need to do is connect the green wire to the + on the magnetic lock, and then the - on the lock to ground?

Again, thank you so much for your help!

No the xAC supplies no power to anything. It just allows current to flow through the relay pins… in short it allows you to control power to something. That thing needs its own power supply. You might be able to share the same power supply used to power the xAC with, but you will need to wire it accordingly.

I think that those boards have a jumper that allows you to connect the common of the relay to either the positive or the negative of the power supply.

Of course, you can always remove the jumper entirely but keep in mind that the REX cable in an active low input.

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Can you post a link to the magnet lock you are talking about?

this is the lock that I bought.

So… I now have two separate 12v power supplies. one powering the xEM AC V2, and the other powering the magnetic lock.

So would the positive and negative of the power supply be connected to the magnetic lock, and the green (NC) and white (COM) wires also both be connected to the positive or negative terminal on the magnet? is that How I would do the wiring?


No, you should wire them is series not parallel or you’ll end up shorting the output of your power supply.

It should be something like this:

Power supply + → magnet +
Magnet - → NC
COM → power supply -