xEM Access Controller v3

It doesn’t get much easier than the xEM Access Controller. The new version has all the features that made it great as well as some improvements for the same price.

For those unfamiliar and looking for a no-code access control option that works with LF RFID, this is the one to get. It features a SPDT relay that toggles for a one or five second period when an authorized EM41xx/EM42xx tag is scanned. Wiring a solenoid or magnetic lock to the relay makes trading your keys for LF implants or wearables dead-simple. Detailed information on wiring and configuration are available in the product link.


  • Switches have replaced the jumpers used for delay and replacing master tags
  • v3 boards can sync authorized tags to one another
  • Tags with an ID of all zeroes are not recognized at all
  • Can store 150 tags

The colors of the pigtail have also changed:

  • NO: blue
  • COM: yellow
  • NC: gray
  • OPEN: white

FYI, None of the project links on that page work.
Also looks like f.dngr.us doesn’t have a valid SSL.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Does this one actually check the full uid? Or is it the same

The v3 only reads the last 26 bits sadly.

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We are working to get the manufacturer to see if they can update. The idea of Weigand protocol (26bit is the most common version) has permeated everything in China when it comes to this stuff, so they don’t even bother with more bits even if available… even if there is no actual Weigand output from the device… the code is remixed and rehashed to death so 26bit is basically the order of the day :confused:


Ok so it’s not just one manufacturer cutting a corner but rather an industry we are fighting… :-/

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Indeed :frowning:

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