xEM Cloner - Availability?

Hi everyone,

I see that the xEM Cloner (video) is no longer for sale at DangerousThings (due to xEM corruption issues described elsewhere).

Does anyone know of a distributor that still sells this dual-compatibility (i.e., both EM4100 and HID) RFID writer? It would be helpful for debugging non-critical RFID devices. The devices available on Amazon seem limited to EM4100-only (i.e., no HID compatibility with the three beeps confirmation).


I had to work a deal out with a factory that made them to get the dual functionality. I don’t know of any other places that sell them.

Thanks for your reply, amal.

The best I can think you can do now would be a Proxmark, especially if you want debugging.

Regrettably, they’re none too cheap…

@amal, has anything happened with the Proxmark antenna you guys mentioned a while ago?

Unfortunately the antenna project has stalled since the move… all the materials for the project are packed away in boxes behind boxes… I’ll have to dig them out soon though and get back to work!


Got my xEM implanted today. The RFID systems I installed around my house are apparently pretty weak. It takes a lot of work to get them to respond, and probably isn’t worth the effort when I could just glue a small tag to my watchband and get consistent results (I know I need to be patient and allow the swelling to go down a bit before determining whether it will work properly).

I got one of the xEM Access Control systems and am blown away by how much better the range is. I want to use those antennas with everything now. I’d really love to see those become an option for other things in addition to just being packaged with the Access Control system.

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