xEM Compatibility with Schlage IBF-120?

I’ve been considering getting the NExT chip implant, but I’d like to know if it will work with my apartment’s key system. As far as I can tell, the key is an IBF-120 like the one found here: https://www.gokeyless.com/product/schlage-ibf-120/

What tools will I need to clone the key, and how should I go about this?

Thank you!


NExT is your best bet, alternatively just the xEM. (NExT is your best bang for your buck)

I’m trying to find some more Specification on your lock to confirm compatiblity… DT chose the Atmel ATA5577 chip so at 125kHz there is a better than average chance it will work.

Re, the enrolling/cloning you have a few options.
My opinion In order of ease/cost:-
**Ask you apartment manager to enroll your implant
**Use the free HID Proxalator mentioned on the link you provided???
**Buy a Blue chinese cloner (search on these forums, there is a lot of info on here) DT no longer sell them due to reliability, but on the store page there is some very good info about them. (Cheap but has some issues.)
**Buy a Proxmark from DT; expensive, not user friendly but it is reliable and has multiple uses.
** buy a CRP2 Enroller (very expensive for a single use/single purpose) Also likely to be the equipment your building manager will use

Hopefully that is enough information to get you started.

Just ask if you need some more assistance.
Let us know if you have success
Good Luck


Thanks for the info - I’m not very familiar with how RFID works.

I’m aware of the blue Chinese cloner, it just seemed like that was too easy? I figured these types of locks would have some sort of public-key signing method to prevent unauthorized cloning - I guess not?


No problems.
Obviously there are many surreptitious ways of getting access , however the security you have control of, is around your card and the access you allow to your access card.
The security outside of your control to access your building is controlled by ALL the other tenants cards and the bulding managers approach to security including the enrollment of access cards.

The enrollment of the card and UID will LIKELY be the only security measure in
Therefore somebody would need access to
a lost /stolen access card and a time window to use it before being reported lost and removed from the system
access to the security computer (physical or hacked)
access to an enrolled card (yours or other tennants) with the correct equipment (cloner), knowledge and inclination.

So relatively easily doable but probably unlikely.

This doesn’t answer your initial question, I am hoping somebody else on here has experience with the IBF-120 and compatiblity with NExT or xEM. until I have time to look for specs


I’ve ordered the NExT, so I’ll let ya’ll know if I get it working. I’m going to try going to get it enrolled by the property manager, but if that fails I’m going to buy a proxmark and try to do it myself.

I’ve read that the blue cloner can potentially cause the xEM to get corrupted, so I’d rather not use that. Is the Proxmark3 RDV4 the only option for use with the ProxLF? The proxmark easy is a lot more affordable.


I’m am far from a Proxmark expert and I have an RDV4 myself , so I will leave that to others to answer.
I would suggest:-
Wait for an answer
Have a quick search on these forums about the Easy
Also in the interim it might be worth an ask on here, if there is somebody near you with a Proxmark and can help you out.
Good luck

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Unfortunately this is not RFID… this is a “button”… it’s a 1-wire device. How they work is quite fascinating, but it is a contact technology where the metal part of the fob must touch the receiver.


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I think it’s actually some sort of combination. The locks on my door are contact as you describe, but there’s other locks on the property that don’t require physically touching it to unlock. I’ve gotten them to work with the key inside a wallet, so I think it might be possible to get that working with the implant.


Amal raised a good point, what I read was

“Schlage IBF-120 iButton & HID Proximity COMBO Key Fob
Featuring BOTH proximity and iButton technology, the Schlage IBF-120 can take advantage of both systems with the same device. Using its contactless technology, a user can simply wave in front of OR tap on the reader”
You will need to do some testing…otherwise i’m not sure how beneficial having an implant will be if it only works on some of the readers; because you would still need to carry your ibutton fob.
Hopefully for your sake they are dual readers

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I no read so good :frowning:


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As an update, I got it working! I ended up ordering a Proxmark3 RDV4 with the ProxLF antenna, and using the “lf hid clone ID” command, and it worked perfectly. The reader is a bit finicky in where it will read, but once I found “the spot”, it’s pretty consistent. Thanks for all the help!


Any way you can post or send a video on how to do it?

What equipment do i need to purchase to clone my key? I have not purchased anything yet. Thanks

Either a Proxmark3 (I use the easy) or a blue cloner.

And something to clone onto.

That is a bit above me. IS there something I can buy to clone my apartment fob (dual chip) that is a lot easier than what you mentioned? I can connect a usb to a PC and I can download software. The Proxmark3 seems a lot more complicated. And the Blue Cloner does not seem to clone a dual chip fob for my apartment access.

Are you certain your apartment complex uses both frequencies?
It would be uncommon, but not impossible.

If it only used the Low Frequency, then the Blue cloner would be fine, as it does HID reading / writing

DT no longer sell them, but you can find one in many “usual” online shopping places.
Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress etc…

Just make sure it specifies HID, there are a lot that look the same, but what lies beneath the surface may be different.

It should work fine writing to a Fob, but to an implant you may want to do a simple modification