xEM Implant Soreness / Bump?

I got my xEM implanted in the standard hand-spot week and a half ago, and up until a few days ago, it was all great! No pain or even soreness.

However, a few days ago I started being able to feel a small bump about half an inch from the injection site. I can’t feel the bump if my hand is in a regular, relaxed position, but if I stretch out my fingers, it’s clearly there.

Now, my hand isn’t sore in general, but if I put any sort of pressure on the bump, it’ll be sore for the next few minutes. I’ve made sure not to poke it or press it unnecessarily, but it happens from time to time when I reach into a pocket or bag.

I haven’t done any weight-lifting/rock-climbing/gun-shooting, so I can’t point to a specific event that might have shifted it.

Overall, is this something I should worry about? Should I expect it to go away with another week or two, or should I try to get X-Rays / take the implant out? Thank you!

Depending on what position I measure it in (centers? edges?), I’m seeing between 1/8" and 1/4" distance between the bump and the bone.

Should be fine. Mine took a month or two to settle down and get itself sorted out. As long as it doesn’t constantly hurt give it a while to settle in.

My looks a bit similar, in my chase a stupid mosquito sting me into it (it happens about 2 weeks after implantation)
I scratched in the night a bit.

On the image provided you indicated the implant location but not “the bump”? Is the implant the bump in question? Your description of when and how it appears sounds consistent with how an implant actually would behave.

It’s very possible you had a small hematoma that formed around the implant… basically a bit of blood that fills in around the implant and causes persistent swelling. If this is the case then it will go away over time.

I just assumed that the bump was the implant, but I’m not positive, it could very well be a hematoma. How would I determine what it is, exactly? I can’t really get a sense for the texture/density of the bump - it’s just a “mass” under the skin that’s not present in my other hand.

If the mass you’re feeling is the implant you should be able to feel it’s ‘outline’, or at least that it’s ~ 12mm long?

If you push lightly at one end the other end might ‘poke up’ a bit confirming it’s the implant. Assuming it’s flat under the skin an not at an angle.

FWIW I had a ‘bump’ after implanting the xM1+, it was at the point of the injection rather than at the implant itself. It was just a small (~2 or 3mm) bump just under the skin. It went away after maybe 4 or 5 weeks.

Just so it’s clear, please mark on this image where the mystery bump is:

The mystery bump is inside the red circle, where I’ve marked the Implant. After a lot of (careful, ginger) investigation, I’m pretty sure it’s the implant itself. So I suppose my question is, is it ok to have it this close to the surface of the skin, and this close to the bone? Thanks again!

Yes on both fronts. You want the implant to rest in the fascia layer between dermis and muscle. The proximity to bone is at least 2mm if not 5mm so that’s plenty of space.