xEM Write before Purchase

Hi Guys,

New to the forums and don’t see any other option for contacting sales on the website. I would like to know the possibility of purchasing an already ‘written’ xEM. I am looking to use this in a problem case I have encountered; I have a dog that is stuck in quarantine and cannot be released until I can prove the dog belongs to the paperwork associated with microchip number :expressionless: and unfortunately the microchip inside of her has either gotten ‘lost’ via migration or is no longer working.

Pet microchips are a 125kHz ISO 11784/5 Compliant similar to the xEM RFID Tag, and I would like to know the possibility of having this microchip pre-programmed with the 15-digit identifier of my pet or a very quick and simple tutorial of programming the identifier onto the tag. She will be read by THIS or something similar. The only hurdle that I would then encounter is getting the microchip installed by a licensed healthcare practitioner or veterinary person, however, I do think that this should be relatively easy to solve from my end :slight_smile:

I know that I am in the right place to have this issue solved, and hope the Dangerous community can help me


Hi Dave,

To answer your question, it is possible to program the T5577C chip in FDB-B mode… but at this time I don’t know if the proxmark3 can program it… and I definitely don’t know of any other writer options.

Before we can even get to that point though, do you know what your pet chip is? Who made it? What the ID is on it for the dog?

Technical issues aside, since you will need to inject the chip into the dog anyway, just put another pet chip in and register yourself as the owner. There is no need to clone the pet chip to an xEM to solve this problem.

Yup we do have the maker of the chip and the 15-digit identifier. The issue with changing the chip number, we will then need to re-do all vaccinations, blood tests, etc. Which will take 30-35 days, and she will have to stay in quarantine the entire time.

She was chipped by a company called partnerlab.ru which is an FDX-B ISO11784/85 134.2kHz chip, based in Russia. However, I can replace with a 125kHz chip once it is is ISO 11784/5 compliant.