xEM & xM1 out of stock?

Hello DT,

Just went to look at them and saw they are out of stock … do we know when (and hopefully not “if”) they will be available again?


xEM in stock (we made a mistake) and the xM1 is in very short supply right now so we’ve only allowed it to be purchased as part of a bundle (ultimate, lifestyle, etc.) until we get more production sorted.

Awesome thanks :+1:
Ill check the bundles out.

Good choice, the bundles are great value.

if you are looking at the xEM and xM1
I would recommend the ultimate implant bundle

Basically you buy the NExT implant and xM1 and get a Spark2 for “free”.

The NExT is the bigger better xEM.
With a NExT in one hand and xM1 in the other hand you have a pretty powerful setup.

plus the Spark2 as a bonus…

Any questions, fire away

My plan is/was to get the xM1 and xEM in L0 and the next in R0 … So I could just add the xEM and get there :grin:

Any info in injecting glassies in the inner wrist?
I didn’t find much in this location in general and the little I did found was about flexies …

That is my actual new planned setup.
I currently have NExT in R0 and Spark (original) in LO, I am going move my Spark and install xM1 and xEM in L0, I am just waiting on my installer.

I have been pestering Amal for a couple of years now to get a 2in1 xEM+xM1, He also wants it, but there are complications with it.

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I saw some discusion about this … i wish we were here … but in the mean time, ill get a double :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts on glassies in the inner wrist?
Would it move around?

I have 2 xLEDs as shown (HF and LF) for an always with me field detector. Location has been good for me, no movement.

I have never considered it personally, lots of delicate parts in there, and there are plenty of other viable locations to choose from.

Trying to think about how to present your wrist to a reader, it seems to me at least that it is not that practical/easy to do. HOWEVER it would be easy for a phone / Proxmark ( Reader you can present to wrist, Rather than trying to present you wrist to a reader )

Might be a good place for a Spark or similar

Some other ideas for you

I just saw @tangerineaxle post above and I stand corrected. Unless he has super bendy wrists

I concur with that fact. They are NOT convenient for wall mounted readers, especially flush. Large HID type readers on a pedastal are fine, but overall I’m not quite happy with the practicality of the location for my intended use which was to quickly identify reader type.

I have a feeling they will be removed at some point.

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It would be for the spark2 from the kit :grin:
Access control would be odd but a bit harder for unauthorized/unwanted reads …

Are the vivokey data hosted on the chip or on their servers?


As far as I know the Spark2 contains a cryptographic chip with a private key used to identify you. Some data is stored on the Vivokey servers but the proof of identity is on your chip.

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Thanks for the info:

So ultimately we rely on them to secure the data on their server … I’ll have to do some more research on their use/functionality.

We’ve got them in stock ! Dangerous Things xM1 “magic” Mifare Classic implant - Dangerous Things, XSeries NFC RFID Injectable Implants - KSEC Solutions

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