xEMi cloned to my HID ProxCard II, now i want to unlock my house

I purchased (to arrive in a few days!!!) the xEMi and cloner for my work office/garage key fob. I’d like to add a reader for my house and looking for a perhaps commercial deadbolt that will support this and maybe a DIY garage opener that i can mount on the exterial wall of my house. Any thoughts or advice?

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The xEM can be in EM mode (emulating an EM41xx tag) or HID mode (emulating an HID ProxCard II tag)… but it cannot be in both modes at the same time. The problem you are going to run into is that there are like zero OEM or modular readers out there for HID… they are all EM. The only HID readers you will find are designed for use with commercial systems, so you won’t find a stand alone door lock that is going to read HID out of the box… you can find locks like that which will read EM, but not HID.

Your electronics skill will have to be on point to make these solutions work. You can get an HID reader module that outputs a real pain in the ass Weigand protocol fairly easily, but making it work will require some custom hacking… maybe an arduino board to validate IDs coming from the reader… some power control circuitry to actuate the lock… etc.

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xEM came in, now trying to clone (prior to implanting). Using the cloner I am able to Read the HID ProxCard II as I hear the two beep, no yellow light though as the instructions state should come on.

However when I place the injector next to the cloner and attempt to Write, I receive no beeps.

I’d like to test the eEM at the office/garage prior to implanting.

Any help would be great. Thanks,

Strange… 2 beeps indicates an EM card, not HID… any HID prox being read will cause the cloner to beep 3 times.

The antenna on the cloner is shit. This is one of many reasons we are working on our own cloner project. To get a good write, you must get the perfect angle… and I mean perfect. You can see the location and orientation that must be used here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V68pyLglr4k&t=1m7s

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You were right, 3 beeps. and after seeing the video and removing the RFID from the injector i got 3 beeps on the write. tmw will be the office/garage test and if successful, I will be tagged.

Thanks again.

Ok, just realize that now the xEM tag and injector assembly are both contaminated and the xEM is not safe for installation. You will need to find some way you are comfortable with to re-sterilize it.

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Clone testing successful, will schedule injection. Working with an MD so will make sure it gets re-sterilized.

Cool. It may be safe for autoclaving… the autoclave goes above the normal acceptable temperature range, so if you go that route you should figure out a way to test it before installation… put a sterile gauze pad over it and try to read with a phone or something. That, or they can “clean” it in antiseptic solution for 5-10 minutes… it won’t be clinically sterile, but it will be “very clean” of most germs.

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I posted a while back a similar project using an Arduino to read an EM chip. You really don’t need much electronics skills when using an Arduino card b/c it’s already done for you. Just plug in the wires, and a power supply to the reader.

Reading Weigand protocol is also easy, as there’s already a Weigand library for Arduino.

I’m not sure what kind of deadbolt your using, but mine took 12vac (i.e., door bell transformer) to activate. I did need to do some electronics drive it.

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Well !
I will do it next week (if xEMi will arrive …).
Have you trie to open the door?
without say “sesamo open it”? :slight_smile:

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You bet. Opens my parking garage, access to our office building, 5th floor, my office and the IT server room.

It’s cloned for HID since that’s what my workplace uses.

Eventually I’ll likely place on in my right hand for my residence since I can’t find any HID readers without coding. Unfortunately I just bought the Schlage Connect last year and it doesn’t have a built in reader.


That’s what my work is currently using and I believe I have the HID ProxCard II. Was it simple to clone your card from work onto the xEM chip? Going to be putting that one in my right hand and “using the force” at work to open doors.


Have you seen the Samsung SHS 1321? It’s NFC/RFID, which I’ll be using with my left hand for many things with my UID.


Yes thats exactly the cards we use. Clone device worked great. Listen for the 3 beeps (I think). clone it first and test your door security, once you are sure it works get it implanted.

i havent researched others at this time since i already have the schlage connect and wife/boss says thats good enough.

BUT my tesla reservation just converted to an order so in 2-3 months i’ll be driving the Model 3 and hoping i can implant my right hand. havent seen confirmation that i can yet.

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