xEMi ProxCard II Programming without Cloning

I just ordered an xEMi kit and want to make sure it will work with my commercial security system. When I need more RFID cards I use HID ProxCard II, ProxKey III, or a MicroProx tag (they all work). I had previously purchased a non-HID 125 kHz card that didn’t work, so I am wondering how to ensure the xEMi will work with my system. Since I have access to the security system settings I want to program the chip to work directly instead of cloning as existing card, if possible.

The xEMi’s are blank and can be configured as EM or HID (not both at the same time), If you try to read the blank xEMi tag using your HID reader, nothing will register as its simply a blank RFID. The easiest method, unfortunately, it to clone it using an existing ProxCard II, which is what I did. This also gives the the card as a back up, in case i lose my hand, and more importantly for testing.

If you have a RFID writer then I suspect you already understand how to write a valid HID sequence.

btw: i just cloned my xEMi and tested it this morning against our HID system, all tests were successful.

A small correction… the xEM comes pre-programmed in EM mode with an EM serial number. If you want to use it with an HID system, the best way is to clone another HID proxcard into it.

Of course, if you need a large number of xEMs pre-programmed in HID mode, we can perform a custom run for you… but it would require a large qty of course.

Ah, if only :slight_smile: I’m not sure I could convince my whole company to do this with me…

hah… ok, well you will likely need to just use a cloner then. :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks so much for your help - it is much appreciated.