xG3 / 3mm glass strength vs 2.1mm glass strength?

An installer (with a ton of xNT experience) I’m chatting with to implant my new xG3 has expressed concern over the larger size of the glass affecting the strength negatively.

I’ve seen the testing done before on 2.1mm size implants and am wondering if it’s necessary to test the 3mm implants in the same way!

My gut before talking to this installer was “no”, now I’m not sure. I can’t find any other threads talking about this yet. Thoughts?

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The strength of the glass is not an issue. The glass is larger yes but wall thickness has also increased, and we use solid resin inside to reinforce the physical integrity of the glass.

However, the wall thickness of the glass also creates a problem when it comes to magnetic field strength. Field strength falls off with distance according to the inverse cube law, and even just a millimeter between the surface of the magnet and the object you want to attract with it means a massive loss in field strength. This is why we originally skipped this idea, but after years of trying various ultra-thin coatings and not being satisfied with any of them, we worked on glass encasement and it only took 3 months to sort out a safe and effective manufacturing process.

Excellent, thank you for the extra detail!

How much room for development on the glass container side is there, if any?

We’ve taken almost all available space inside the glass and filled it with magnet, so not much.

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