xG3 between thumb and index

I am sure there are 100 threads like this. But as english is not my mothertongue I wanted to ask explicit.

I bought the xG3 for the sensory feelings.
In many threads I could read that the first or second segment of the fingers are the best locations.
But 1,5cm is pretty big to apply via syringe and to get it via scalpel is difficult in Germany. Or maybe just in my area :smiley:
My piercer told me there is a big risk of necrosis if I really want to get it in the finger because he can’t go that deep.
So i got it in the area between the thumb and the index finger.

The input has happened 2 days ago and I know I have to wait a few weeks and let my body “accept” the inplant. But I wonder if I will develop a sensory feeling with v1 at this location.

Sorry for the language. The last time I spoke english was before corona :smiley:

I would be thankful for answers =)

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Your English is just fine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The reports I’ve seen on the forum/Discord suggest that implanting in the P0 location isn’t really sensitive enough however everyone is different so you might get lucky! Also it seems to take a fair amount of healing time to start feeling things so be prepared to wait patiently!

An alternative I’ve seen discussed (and which I’m planning to implant today :innocent:) is -P0 which is on the front side of the hand tucked between the thumb and palm so it’s got lots of soft tissue around it.

Good evening from my timezone and welcome to the magnetized club. I have two magnets in my left hand. A xG3 V1 in my middle finger and a xG3 V2 in my knife edge. As the area of your install heals and swelling goes down you should be able to start sensing things.

There is no scientific measurement for a perception of sensing. In my experience my xG3 V1 feels roughly 3x stronger than my V2 at sensing, however they are in different locations. The V2 is not “ideally” a sensing magnet, but I am still able to feel magnetic fields with it.

I have no experience with your install area, but “non optimal” sensing locations don’t necessarily mean you won’t feel anything. Your perception of sensing from that location may be slightly less than somewhere else, but I believe you will be fine.

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Just jumping in on this one - Germany might be one of the last countries where you can actually still get great scalpelwork :wink:
If you like, I can totally recommend my artist, and I think @yeka might have some people to point you to as well.