xG3 Diametric or Axial

I just replied to both the confirmation email and the shipping email. Hopefully one of them goes through

@amal do you have any update for me?

Yes this should have been sorted. I will check with fulfillment tomorrow and update you.

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@amal Hi, it’s been a while, and I still haven’t heard anything

dude, you have been super patient.
I can’t say much here, but we just got an interesting update in the #dt-club

I can’t speak on Amals behalf, but trust me when I say he will really appreciate your continued patience, and yours is not the typical experience of how DT does business, just unfortunate timing.

I’m certain Amal will have you sticking to fridges in no time


damn… this is going out today @Shade721 … I will put it together myself. Sorry for the delay.



Thank you so much! Don’t worry about the delay, I know things can be complicated.