xG3 Diametric or Axial

I ordered and just had the xG3 diametric magnet implanted in the knife edge of my hand. I was using the magnetic viewing film to check the placement, and it looks like I received the axial version instead of the diametric. I’m worried because there is a distinct line horizontally instead of vertically in the field.

can you draw a line over the top of that photo where your implant is orientated!?

Yeah the field shape looks different than my xg3v2

Here is axial

And diametric for reference

In a 90 degree rotation diametric can also look like this:

Your does looks axial


Yup, you have indeed recived the Axial one.

Can you check on the packaging what it says?

The packaging definitely says v2 diametric. I specifically wanted the v2 for its lifting capability

Sounds bad, if a batch has been mixed up we should let @amal know quick so maybe he can stop more wrong magnets from being shipped. I would assume these are tested and packaged in batches :thinking:
@Shade721 I’m sure DT will fix this if there was indeed a mix-up

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Hmm that is highly unusual. Batches were made at entirely different times so I don’t know how it could have happened… but there was an interim batch that was made.

What’s possible is the printed card and lot labels might help sort out the issue. Can you send photos of the card insert and the lot label on the back of the pouch?

Unfortunately, I went to a piercer to get it implanted and they threw all of the packaging out. All I have left is the box. I didn’t take anything out myself because I didn’t want to contaminate the sterile environment

Boxes have a barcode but I don’t know if that helps

I do have the barcode and my order number if that helps

I’m wondering now if the picker sent you the wrong one vs the wrong magnet being in the injector. Still sucks. What can we do to make it right?

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I’d appreciate it if I could get the right magnet so I can at least put it in my other hand. I really wanted the V2 specifically for lifting. If I had known it was the axial, I would’ve placed it elsewhere.

No prob. Reply to your order confirmation email with this thread and we’ll send one out. Sorry for the mix up!

I just replied to the original confirmation email, referencing this thread. Thanks for your help


@amal Hi, not to be a bother, but do you have any update? I haven’t heard back since I replied to the confirmation email

Hmm I don’t think I’ve seen any reply yet. What is your order number?

Did you mean for me to create a new order? I replied to the confirmation email from the magnet I got. That order was #31718

Hmm odd it did not come in. Try replying one more time and let me know… alternatively I can look up the order directly but we like to handle these situations via a ticket which should be automatically created by your reply to the order confirmation email.