Xg3 Finger Install and Healing report

Oh no I totally am very thick at times. One of my best features is my inability to see the consequences of my actions.

Yeah I do not suggest ANYONE do stupid things like this, that said, when I popped it out I was smart enough to put it down on a new clean supplied wipe while reaching for the spritzer of bactine.

Bactine is a good antiseptic and also a bit of a anestic, it’s been my friend though many worksite accidents.

That said - I 100% agree with everyone’s admonishments of my careless act. I will certainly share photos when I change the dressing.

“Look at me, I’m a great example of what NOT to do” -me, constantly.

For how long did you apply it for?

2 hours. I’ve used them before on other parts of my body, so I was sure I would be fine.

I also had questionable results but my example was with cream for 2h.
Plus heard similar stories a few times, that’s why I asked…

I was told to try 3-4 hours.
First I was skeptic: saying yeah, the effect will fade away if I leave it on for too long.
But screw it! Can’t be any worse than having no effect like b4.
I leave it on for +3hours since then and it works a charm.

The results from the injectable lidocaine were awesome!

Just no feeling at all. - total numbness - i didnt felt the needle

The patch really doesn’t work well at all if there is any break in the adhesive seal around the perimeter. It dries out quickly if there is any break at all, so putting on the finger is really not likely to work well at all.

Also the finger has DEEP nerves… well deeper than the skin… no patch or topical is going to get anywhere close to numbing the entire depth of a finger.


Ugh - jealous of this! Maybe one day I’ll try again. But my finger hates me right now.

Wonder where I can get me a syringe of lido…

Except DT numbing gel right? Because I’m gonna be relying on that stuff for my titan install…

It will be significantly better than a patch that isn’t 100% sealed to the skin for sure… I would give it a full 3-4 hours and use an XL size (oversized) nitrile glove overtop to just hold a shitload of gel to your finger for the duration. The glove is mostly to avoid the massive mess of having gel on your fingers that long and trying not to touch things… but it also helps that it will be holding a large quantity for your finger to absorb.

I can’t say it will be painless… in fact, I don’t know what affect it might have on a full fingertip… but if you give it enough time and proper occlusion it will significantly reduce pain. It may even block it completely for a finger, but I just don’t have any data on this at this time.

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Also your bleeding seemed to be well controlled.

Btw I’ve been meaning to ask, does glove type matter? Because I have ready access to plenty of latex gloves but I might have to get nitrile ones

only for allergies really. latex gloves (and sometimes nitrile) can also be “dusted” to make them easier to put on with slightly over-moisturized hands… and man, if you are allergic to latex… you will definitely have a serious problem if you’ve put on a dusted glove. other than that, it should not matter.


Wonderful, thanks!

I discovered that I have a reaction to latex by putting on a dusted latex glove right before a delicate chemical reaction and I was not happy.

The percentage of the population that has an allergic reaction to latex varies wildly depending on whose data you trust.

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So here a small Update :yellow_heart:

It healed off DAMN fine, and is not that much in the way as you would think :smiley:

The Position is more off to the side so its fine when doing work like shoveling graves, masturbating, and chopping “stuff” of with axes.
but i also reallised how fucking spot on it is! even a milimeter in the wrong direction would have been really bad^

So im fckng happy with it, but still changing my mind every day or so if i want to install the titan in another finger or -p0

Im not sure if im ready for another finger Magnet :smiley:


Haha, I assume in that same order?


You can assume whatever order gives you the most pleasure. Me? I don’t want to know.


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Was this the v1?

Considering doing this myself as well.

Edit: read your other posts. This was v1 with v2 in knife edge. Debating both but also heading your warning about finger tip installed with the xg3.