xG3 + flexAR = speaker

Crank your speakers, because it’s pretty underwhelming, but not bad for being taped to my arm :sweat_smile: I’m going to work on a resonance chamber next to try and improve the volume and quality.


Honestly louder and clearer than I had expected, interesting. Keep up the tinkering :+1:


Can you feel the vibrations through your arm?

I did the exact opposite once, then re-ran the video at full volume. Usually when you find a video with that comment, it ends with some guy screaming his head off at the end. Thank you for sparing us that particularly lame joke :slight_smile:

Also, great choice of tune, for those who heard it way too many times when it came out :slight_smile:

EDIT: side question: why did you choose to implant the xG3 there in the first place? Seems like an odd choice of location.

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bahahaha :joy: Not really. The strongest sensation is the warmth the coil generates. I can feel it vibrating a bit, but can’t really pinpoint if it’s an internal thing because it’s very minor.

I chose this spot because the skin under the arm is thin (to preserve as much strength as possible), and it’s more sensitive than the back of the wrist spot I first considered. I figured it would be a decent enough location for a wearable for these kinda shenanigans as well.

You have a weird nervous system man :slight_smile: I feel so little on my arms that I really couldn’t really tell I didn’t feel anything over my doNExT for some time after installing it unless I made a conscious effort to touch it and feel the difference with the surrounding areas.

But yeah, for a lifting magnet, I suppose it makes sense.

Not the first time I’ve heard that while justifying the location. I guess I am weird lol. The lower half of my forearm down to my elbow is pretty sensitive. The install compared to the xm1 on the back of my wrist, and xdf2 in the typical hand location was much more painful. It truly hurt compared to the other 2. Where’s the doNExt installed?

On top of my wrist, wristwatch-style.

Actually, I just tried to feel it again, to assess exactly the difference with the unaffected areas around it, and I only just discovered that, while the feeling has returned, one senses of touch (pressure) has been clobbered for good, while the others have returned. I didn’t even notice until we started talking about it here. That’s how dull the feeling is at that location for me.

Ah, I was considering a flexNext in the same spot (though a doNext would be preferred because I’m just sticking to iso143444 unless something else comes along with storage that plays well with arduino), but I’ve gotta find someone for the install.

A good bodymodder is definitely a must.

As for choosing a doNExT instead of a flexNExT, from the things I could gather from the experience other flexNExT wearers have reported and from my own, it has a few advantages, like the feeling coming back faster, probably from nerves reconnecting through the hole, and the implant comforming to your body curves better. But it also has a few drawbacks, such as no LF (duh…), it’s more expensive, and you might end up with a frigging hole in the middle of the implant :slight_smile:

…musical penis implant?
Something something the Tetris dick joke…

I’m sorry, can’t help myself, also now I have the Tetris techno stuck in my head, I have no idea how I played Tetris in the car so much as a kid without loosing my mind to the repetitive tune

…unless maybe I did :thinking:

This is pretty cool, I’m surprised you were able get musical notes out of it, I’m guessing it’s not too dissimilar to the singing Tesla coils
They aren’t capable of tones, but turning it on and off at insane speeds simulates tones

Kinda sucks that the implant starts to heat up, I feel like they might be a very limiting aspect to this project, along with the “might as well just be a wearable” point Rosco made

At least It makes more sense to me now than just a lm arm slapping machine lol

“Am I pleased to see you, or is that faint Tetris tune coming from my pocket changing pitch because the batteries are dying?”



Yeah, this could at any point become unviable as a project. At this volume, exposure longer than 20-30 seconds starts to become uncomfortable.

I’ve got some ideas for heat mitigation to try out tomorrow. I added a tiny raspberry pi heat sink that was surprisingly helpful with heat dissipation, but the quality and volume suffered to the point that it didn’t make sense. The flexAR needs to be a bit more rigid anyway to help with fidelity and volume, so I’m hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone and apply some epoxy to the side against my arm to encourage heat dissipation out the back.

I also want to attach a bit more of a membrane at the same time. Just an extension of the flexAR a few millimeters that isn’t coil. Such tiny fluctuations in amperage (0.1a is capable of continuous play with shit sound, and 0.15a is where I was at in the vid) and the amount of the coil that was taped had huge differences on the results.

The strip of tape is helping the resonance, and there’s a big difference if both edges are stuck down, versus if one edge is loose and allowed to resonate more. These results from the first membrane I tried gives me hope I can find the sweet spot with another, more reasonable membrane. I feel like really dialing in a resonance chamber to house the coil will help a lot as well.

Maybe I misunderstood, are you generating heat in the xg3 or the flexAR (seriously sounds like it should be a DT implant saying flex)

It’s the flexAR. I placed it on it’s side (0.1 mm thick) and determined that it’s just where the flexAR is in contact with the magnet. It doesn’t seem to be a heat that is transferred throughout the magnet completely from the coil.

Hm… this makes me wonder if we could do a variant of a BAHA with implanted xG3’s and this flexAR thing.

wait hold on. no. this is witchcraft! heresy!

Oh man, I’ve got far too many ideas now.

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i mean, maybe? have you seen the tragus “hidden Earphones” implant concept?

I have, but it is extremely clunky.

My idea is a xG3 behind the upper ear (or a flex equivalent… maybe a small thin magnet to be flex-coated? the strength isn’t super important) and this as the actuator on the outside. As I said, poor mans BAHA.

Ah so the same placement of a real BAHA but no need to drill into the skull. Interesting.