xG3 location check

Hello all, I’m thinking about installing the xG3 in this general location. My reasoning is bc the skin seems more thin than on the blade of my hand, which means more lifting capabilities. But I’d like to know if there is any major veins/arteries/anything else in this area that might keep me from placing it here? I did look at some hand anatomy charts, and whatnot, and it looks pretty safe. But I’d like to double check. Also any other cons to this location? Thanks in advance!

I have one in that position.

Yeah the skin there is quite thin which results in the magnet being quite visible but also lifting stuff works really well.

The best thing about that is to search a professional installer and let them evaluate it


Much thanks! Do you have a YouTube channel where you show your implants? I think I recently watched a few of your videos, and even commented on one or two. I might be wrong, but the name just looks really familiar.

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yeah thats me :laughing:

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Hey one more question, is it any easier to get the needle in that spot vs the blade of the hand? I was thinking that maybe since the skin is a bit thinner it may be easier to get the needle through the skin.

I know on my other self installs getting the needle through the skin was the toughest part. And then once you get past a certain point, where the whole tip is in, its like “ahhhh”, and then it’s a breeze. But that first part trying to get the tip in can be a bit tough. And since you have them in both locations I figured you’re a good person to ask.

My skin is a little thinner there compared to the knife edge karate spot thing.

But not by a whole lot.

Was it any easier, or harder to install in either spot?

I guess about the same