XG3 magnet for sensing?

I’ve been looking at having the XG3 magnet implanted in my left hand where the tags normally go but have heard that its mainly only good for lifting and doesnt have much capability to be used as a sensing magnet, can anyone confirm this and are there better locations to put it in order to have a better chance at sensing magnetic fields with it?

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Firstly I don’t have one, so all of this is purely hearsay, but coming from some very reliable sources.

Correct, it is designed for lifting, however, some people have had varied results for sensing, when placed in the fingertips, This will have more to do with the type of, and abundance of nerves in the fingertips ( Miessners corpuscles???) .
I will confirm the nerve names and more importantly find some reference posts for you.
@Satur9 has some very good knowledge in this ( and many other ) areas

I was close, Mei rather than Mie
Meissner’s corpuscles (MCs) are tactile mechanoreceptors found in the glabrous skin of primates, including fingertips ( Funny the things you learn and remember from Documentaries “American Circumcision” )

Here’s a sensing reference
And another

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Mine is in my middle finger. it is good for lifting, not as much for sensing. yes you can sense magnetic fields when near another magnet or metal… also because the xg3 moves in your finger, and you feel the atraction, cause it wants to leave your finger… but noting more then that. I wounder if round magnets makes you really feel like you developed another sense.


The xG3 is better for lifting because of its shape and weight. Here’s the magnetic field strength of the xG3 at the tip using this calculator.

And here is the magnetic field strength of a common 3mm x 1mm “sensing” magnet.

As you can see the xG3 is almost twice as strong, so it can pick up larger pieces of metal. The trade off is that it weighs 5.4x as much, so it’s much harder for an external field to vibrate it.

The glass is a fucking excellent coating, compared to the thin films. It does add weight, though. Also, since field strength drops by roughly the cube of the distance from the magnet, the glass adds to that distance.

It’s definitely a trade off. I like the sensing magnets, but it sucks having to replace them every year.


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