XG3 magnet question

Hello everyone, I’m somewhat new to the world of biohacking and I’ve got a question about the XG3. My daily job has me working with electronic components such as ic’s, capacitors, and the like. If I were to get the XG3 implanted in my fingertip what is the likelihood of it causing problems with the pieces I’m working with?

Hey, I work with electronics almost everyday for work. I dont have one in my finger tip but in the back of my index finger. I find it really useful for holding small screws while working or testing hall effect sensors.

The annoying thing is cheaper leaded components (throught hole) tend to have steel legs so they stick to. Not too much issue with the magnet on the back of my finger but I imagin annoying if a finger tip.

They other consideration is some high precision compass and the like could get annoyed with a magnet so close by.

I have had a few magnets in my fingertips and I do a lot of electronics assembly. I actually find it really useful for picking up and manipulating components and mounting hardware. Keep in mind if you leave those steel through-hole leads Devil mentioned on a magnet too long they also become temporarily magnetic.

It hasn’t caused any issues, except in situations where there is another neodymium magnet integrated into an enclosure. You can get some unexpected tugging that can be painful.

One note though. The xG3 is very large. Make sure your finger is big enough to accommodate it. Some have tried and had rejections. Also the xG3 v2 is much more powerful than anything I’ve tried. That thing can probably erase magnetic storage media if you’re not careful.

So, as a basic reference, a dime is 17.9mm across while the XG3 is 15mm long. In your opinion would this be an ok fit or would I be better off going with a different location? Also, thank you so much for the input