XG3 magnet showing through skin

Hi everyone
I just got my first implant 2 months ago and I’m very happy with it.
So now I’m thinking about getting a XG3 magnet, because why not. But I have some concerns about the size of the magnet.
I’m a skinny guy with skinny hands and I don’t want the magnet sticking out of my hand like crazy.
My preferred spot for the magnet would be R5. I hope there are people out there with some experience and are willing to help me out a bit. Stories about your own magnet and location would be great. Also suggestions for a better location are welcome.

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I just had my XG3 installed in P5 (the knife-blade part of the hand, side of the palm below the pinkie finger) two days ago It’s flush with my skin. I might be able to tell its there if I look closely, especially with the installation wound still healing. I told my installer that I didn’t want it bumping out, and he said that in his experience, final results depend on each individual body. (Other folks here may argue with this point. I’m merely relating what he told me.)

In any case, I had the same concern and am happy to report that it’s not an issue.

I’m quite sure it wont be more visible then my knife edge magnet.

i mean there are many variables such as skin condition, how much fat is there, how the binding of the skin is and how it was installed.

Here are some photos of my Knife edge xg3. im 99% sure it will be less visible that that one.

sadly i don’t have magnets on the back of my hand.

hope that was helpful :smiley:

i mean in the worst case you have to go for a removal if its too visible.

good luck!


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Thanks a lot, that gave me the confidence I needed.

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Skinny guy here too. 3+ weeks after installation. Does only show very tiny bit if you know where to look but other than that it’s quite invisible.

That looks really nice, just barely visible.

You put the xg3 in the knifeblade as a self install right?



Gotta say your pain tolerance must be insane. I know mines pretty high. Tried twice to self install in the same spot as yours and could not do it.
Ended up putting mine in L1 (after getting it sterilized after my second failed attempt) and that was difficult.
Partially a warning to others. Its super hard. But also a kudos to you @mrln

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