xG3 placement and sensitivity

hi, this is my first post so if I screw anything up, please have mercy lol.

so I am on and off about getting a xG3 as I am hearing very very mixed reviews about the sensitivity. as you can see in my pic, I have very large chunky hands (like a freaking sensory homunculus lol) so i intend to implant it in the middle finger where the black line is, which I marked using a board marker. that line is 2cm long and 1/2cm wide. now my question is, how sensitive will it be there? is there any reason why I should not get it done there?
if the xG3 is really really no good for sensing, has a decent sensing magnet come up anywhere on the internet yet?


I can’t speak to the sensitivity in that location, however I do want to warn you that placing any implant into a gripping surface can dramatically raise the risk of breakage. Imagine you are hanging from a bar or something like that… the force between that bar and your bones will be pretty high, and if the implant gets caught in between, it could break.

hmm, what if I have a small permanent tubular pocket cut into the palm of my hand that allows me to slip the xG3 into it a bit like a piercing, and then when not needed, I can just pop it out and store it in a small box between uses… what do you think?

also, what about the ear lobes? what do you think the pro’s and cons of that could be? does the magnet actually vibrate?

Technically it does vibrate but movement is dictated by field strength of the magnet, field strength of the field you are encountering, and the inertia of the magnet itself. The mass of the magnet and coating combined creates quite a lot of inertia to overcome… in short much less responsive than a smaller magnet of similar strength.

so is there no way to make a smaller xG3 style magnet? like an xG3 mini?

Not in a practical way, not really. The smaller sizes begin to trade off empty space (epoxy and glass) and soon the ratio of magnetic mass vs empty space approaches or could even exceed 1:1, which just kinda makes the whole thing lame.

To be clear, the mass ratio of field reactive material to “dead weight” means you kill the point of a smaller magnet - i.e. sensing magnet.

hmm. so I understand that you stopped making the gold plated ones due to it not actually being fully coated by the gold as intended. is there no way to coat it with titanium on top of the gold? just so it ensures that it is sealed hermetically?
are you trying to think up a better way to create a safer sensing magnet to experiment with one day? or are you never going to try looking into it ever again? because it sounded like you have given up trying, which saddens me but it is nice to know that you prioritise your customers wellbeing and safety over profit, so I have a great deal of respect for you for that <3

The original m31s were gold plated and then the “gold” looking coating you were seeing was actually titanium nitride. The issue is the way the metal is deposited leaves crystalization boundaries that water can get into. The alternative is to create a solid machined titanium capsule and seal that somehow, but the thickness of that kind of tube would be quite large and the heat required would damage the magnet, so we decided to go with glass instead since we could work the sealing process in such a way that it would not damage the magnet… hence the xG3

thanks for getting back to me so soon.
so now are you trying to think up a new idea as a safer alternative? please dont give up trying to figure out an alternative way to make a safe implantable sensing magnet.
also, what are your views on my other post about hand piercings/pockets?

thank you <3