xG3 progress and questions

Just got my xG3 implanted into my left ring finger, its healing nicely, I know the xG3 is a lifting magnet but i was wondering if anyone was able to sense with it and got it implanted in there finger tip? also I was wondering if Dangerous Things will at some point sell or consider selling sensing magnets too?

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i am incredibly curious about how this is healing so far?

Dangerous things no longer sell their M31 sensing magnets, and I don’t believe they ever made the M36; I don’t think DT are actively looking to create a new sensing magnet but the video explains that, watch this video, but you never know what the future will bring


Yea, with what we know now, there doesn’t seem to be a material safe enough to encapsulate it without long term corrosion.

Hopefully we do find something in the future.


It’s now 100% healed, no noticeable bulge or anything just a tiny scar, and it has I’d say limited sensing capabilities some devices like microwaves give off a tinggly feeling.