xG3 trials and woes

A few weeks back, I bought and installed an NExT and then later got an xG3. I then posted about failing to install that xG3 into my fingertip and then how I should go about finding a new area for it. Well, I spent about 2 - 3 days sterilizing equipment and recently decided to go for a reinstall on my left knife edge. As the most painful thing to happen to me in a long time, as I got ready to reinsert the xG3 into the installer, it was lost, assumed to the drain. Literally $75 down the drain.

To explain, I went through the entire process of sterilizing a room (to my best ability) and did 48 hour 70% Iso soak on everything to be used. I was going to use sterilized metal tweezers to load the installer, which can be a pain. I had everything laid out, sterilized, ready to go. Decided to let it air dry as I went for “Pain Management.” On my return, I realized my goof when I saw my cat dart out the room. Everything was still there, but the xG3. I stripped searched that room and even considered taking the pipes apart. The room was already clean so it shouldve been obvious if it was in the floor. Then yeah, queue mental breakdown.

Anyway, for anyone who is considering a finger manget, might wanna consider the Titan. Also if you fail an install, biting the bullet and paying $45 for it be sterilized by DT is going to save you the hassle. I thought I’d save money by going DIY, but that ended up losing money instead. Figured I’d share this for anyone who was considering a finger magnet and may have smaller fingers. And also if you are possibly on the fence for paying for sterilizing by DT, just do it. If you’re like me and are out of luck in your area, just pay for the sterilization.


What an adventure. You better make sure your cat doesn’t stick to the fridge


Remember, it is a magnet…
Did you search appropriately?
Stuck to tools? Metal furniture? The sink plug hole (away from view)

Do you have a large/powerful magnet (wrapped in soft protective foam/material) and search the area with that