xG3 v1 placement advice

A few days ago, I made a post joining the failed xG3 finger installation group. My question from here is, if my main goal is sensing, what are good placements? I understand the titan is better and the xg3 its not the best for sensing. I would still like to get some utility from it.

Red is where the first install failed and the blue is my NExT tag.

I’ll also take any advice or resources for finger installation with a scalpel to show my installer.

I have an xg3v2 in my right knife edge and love that position for both sensing and lifting. I know people have also recommended position -0 (palm side of p0) for sensing, but off the top of my head I don’t know how that would interact with the next you have in p0.

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I was leaning more towards my left hand knife edge, so its good to see it recommended. Any advice for it?

Sounds like your best bet unless you go for somewhere on the palm side which is very experimental.

I have a v1 where you have your NeXT and a v2 on the thumb edge next to it and while very convenient I don’t think it’s more sensitive than the knife edge.

At the end of the day sensing relies on the mechanoreceptor density (nerve endings for touch). Some areas (fingers) are obviously better but overall the density can vary from one person to another. If you are very focused on sensing then take the time to poke your skin with something pointy and find the most sensitive area. If you have something that vibrates and is pointy the even better. You are looking for areas where you feel it with minimal pressure.

There are also some papers floating around this forum about nerve ending density in the hands but I never found them particularly useful.

Edit: Specifically for the knife edge there is a clear limit where the skin goes from thick and hairy to thin and stipped (also called glabrous). You would want to go as close or in the glabrous area but without taking the risk of putting the implant between the bone and a held object.