xG3 v2: 1-Year Review

Today, 1 year ago, I had my first implant done: an xG3 v2 in my left hand, in the -0 position.


For the first few weeks after healing, I was playing with it all the time. However, by summertime, I noticed myself using it less and less and wondered if I had made a mistake getting this permanent alteration to my body. Then I remembered: the main purpose of getting this installed was to fidget in class. I was not taking classes over the summer.

But aside from playing with magnets at my desk, it also comes in handy when I drop small objects that are magnetic, that I would normally have trouble picking up with my fingernails. Also comes in handy as a party trick, and overall knowing what objects around me are magnetic by touching them with the palm of my hand.

Another neat trick I’ve recently discovered: I can put my laptop to sleep by moving my left hand over the
bottom right corner below the keyboard! This lets me instantly lock my laptop without closing it. Along with that, I never accidentally put it to sleep, because I need to deliberately move my hand over. My new favorite utility for this body hack.

The product is great and I definitely don’t regret buying it. Looking forward to whatever my next installment may be in the future.


Thank you for the 1 year review! Can’t wait to get a v2!
I’ve got the v1 and noticed I can lock my laptop too, very handy.

Implants can be removed if you want. But as you found out, they get more useful over time as you discover more use cases for them.

Which reminds me that I should check if the Schlage S-480 and S-6800 are compatible with the xDF2:man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for the update man! Good to see a detailed little update about the implants im looking to get!

No problem ^-^ glad I could help