xG3 v2 healing advice

I should justify my position.

The redness around the xG3 site plus
The xG3 putting pressure under the skin.
Makes it look like an angy zit almost about to pop.


200w (10)

It"s been almost 14 weeks and it still hasn’t found its forever home…Thats too long for my liking.

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I voted for remove and try again, but that is what I believe I would do for myself. Personally the pictures with it poking out are the reason why. 3 xSIIDs, 3 xG3s, and a NExT, and none have done that when healing. It may not be a problem now or in the future, but it would be an anomaly for me.

I hate to make a recommendation to someone else just off a gut feeling, but that’s possibly what I’d do if I were in that situation.


Thanks all.

The bit where it gets tricky is that it doesn’t always poke out like that. It’ll move itself back down and sit comfortably again.

The redness will disappear too and it’ll look ‘normal’.

It just doesn’t seem to want to stay in place and will work it’s way in and out through the day like a subdermal whack a mole.


Which position is it most frequently in? Logically this is the position of least resistance and this will be where it eventually settles

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It varies through the day, I think it’s rocking back and forth.

I got my friend, who is medically trained, to push it back down in the pocket again.

It brings him great joy to watch me squirm, and it drops quite deep down into the pocket. He let out a squeal of glee as he felt it ripping through the encapsulation to move down further.

I’ve added the printable healing helper around it now it has been pushed into the right spot, rather than trying to push it into the right spot with the tape, I’ll update if it works.

I’m hoping that by pushing it down, and then holding it in the new spot, the tissue will heal to keep it there.


glad to see its in its new home. let us know how it heals!


I have something similar at my L0 NExT and it doesn’t look like it will go away soon. I did the install 1.5 years ago. :man_shrugging:

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I think you guys are on to something with the needle orientation. I think I have a similar spot from my Apex install:


Waiting to see if it goes away, it’s only been about 2 months though.

Yeah, this is a known thing.

Bevel down is reccomended, or even better, a modified version, bevel down to pierce the skin and rotate 180 to penetrate deeper.

Piercing with bevel up creates a little skin flap, and thats what may people experience with a lump at the point of entry after they heal.

Regarding yours

In my (not a doctor) opinion, that looks completely normal and I think that scar will fade in time

It also makes the insertion of the needle difficult to get over the back of the bevel as it goes under the skin and folds the flap back and under.

Still, bevel up is the easiest way to control the point so you don’t just end up wrecking the skin as you go or piercing out from under the skin. I think as long as you understand that, when you insert you’re going to have to get over that hump when the back of the bevel needs to be pushed under, the thing you can do about the flap is that as you’re removing the needle you can use the point to angle up and kind of coax the skin flap back out. I’ve done that a couple times and it works well, specifically for the 4G needle.

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I did bevel up with my Xg3 just for that reason, to kind of control the depth of the needle. On removal pressure at the incision on removing the needle and i coaxed the skin flap into its proper position and held it.

Bevel down for incision and twist i feel is like the best move to make it easier but with that guage needle it is a rough go anyways.

Some pictures.

Bevel Up

Bevel Down

Bevel Up

After it has healed it is incredibly difficult to tell. or i just heal well with my mediterranean skin…


Yeah the twist method is more of an in, out, turn, in… don’t twist while the needle is under the skin… that’s a bit like twisting the knife… it’ll cause some damage at the incision point.