xG3 v2 implant for a monocle

I’m wanting to implant two xG3 biomagnets to act as anchors to hold a custom monocle in place.

The current planned locations are one located in the face dermal position and another at the inner eyebrow. The face dermal implant will probably follow the typical dermal piecing orientation, but it is twice the size as most dermal posts. The eyebrow implant will be horizontal. I’ve seen this as a piercing before and the guy doing it did one to himself in the same spot years ago.

I’m going to 3d print the monocle in the end to hold a prescription lens in place. I’m planning to use two bits of magnetic metal in the print, not other magnets. I think it’d be strong enough through the skin to work. I’m also going to put two magnets in my vest to hold my monocle when not in use.

I’m here for comments and questions about the project. Do these magnets move under the skin at all? I was hoping it wouldn’t have a possibility to move to a more dangerous location, or else they’ll become anchor points for a magnetic eye patch. I’ve got some “no MRI” bracelets. I understand the magnets will probably work their way out over time. That’s fine too.

Unfortunately holding anything with a magnet implant can cause necrosis due to restricted blood flow caused by the relentless squeezing of the magnet and the object. A short duration would be okay, but any long period of time is enough to cause damage, especially with any sort of daily use.


Excellent response. I didn’t think this would pinch hard enough for that, so thanks for pointing that out. Has that happened to other people here?

Increasing the distance between the magnet and the anchor would decrease the intensity of the squeeze as well as the holding power, as would changing metal types. I’m guessing anything over 15 minutes would have the possibility of permanent damage, maybe even less if these are strong enough. How deep do others typically have these?

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