Xg3 V2 vs. Xg3 V1 lifting capabilities report

I got some questions about the lifting capabilities of the v2 compared to the v1.

Installation is very fresh, that’s all I can tell at the moment.

Here you see the Maximum amount of paperclips I can hang on the v1 in my finger using both poles:

11 Paperclips is the upper maximum for my v1 - thats already really unstable and they fall off easy.

For comparison here are some that I stuck to the v2.

on the V2 i can easily attach 19, and more are possible!

I could try add some more, but I can feel that is it close to the maximum, but some more would be possible.
Don’t want to stress it out too much, 3-8 more should work out easily

Looking forward to further tests in the future!


That’s quite impressive actually.

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They are linked to each other - just to be clear

Aah, now that you tell the whole story, it’s positively less impressive :slight_smile: Quite good, but now out-of-this-world kind of good.

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If i magnetize them it would work - i have some often used paperclips that got magnetized over time. with them i can pick up more then the “new” ones (not linked)

Linked there is nearly no difference

so i found this is not “scientific” because i cant measure the amound of magnetification from the paperclips

lol. hope you understand what i mean :smiley:

Yeah, that’s called cheating :slight_smile: You lift interlocked tiny magnets with your big finger magnet.

Don’t take offense, I’m just giving you shit. It is quite impressive, even if it doesn’t magnetize all the way down to the 19th paperclip.

Thats the reason i didnt lifted them by not interlocking them - i cant measure how much theyre already magnetized ^

I could call a new pack of paperclips as not magnetized at all, but i dont know.

so i thought interlocking them is a better way of measuring

When its healed better i can lift copper stuff - thats not so easy to magnetize afaik

Weill, your test is how much mass it can lift utimately. If you have a gram scale, you could weigh how much your 19 paperclips represent.

I have no fine scale. im gonna measure all of them and devide it^

Good answer. Someone who has a gram scale is either a gunsmith or a junkie :wink:


In germany not a gunsmith haha :wink:


There are no “home gunsmiths” here - a lot of weapons get produced here, but only in the big shielded companys - a gunsmith just works @ the factory and has no scale @ home :smiley:

Do you know Mini food? there you need a really fine scale xD

now im hungry


0,3869 grams per clip if my meth math is right

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I thought standard paperclips were very close to 1 gram.

Ha. No way. The paperclip test is not “reliable” in any way. The best you can do is measure their mass collectively. I’ve seen at least 8 different sizes of paper clip, and they’re not always made of the same materials.

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Not to mention, depending on the particular steel they’re made of and the section of the steel wire, the magnet’s pull will be different. But I’m guessing a standardized test-piece and a dynamometer would make a less good photo than a bunch of paperclips hanging off mrln’s finger :slight_smile:

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Any idea what standardised material i could get?

i mean 4 real. i was thinking of copper euro coins…
there must be something better.

A round standardized metal plate where i can hand on different weights for example…


You need some?


Oh Clippy, how i miss thee…

tenor (73)


I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure there’s a standard to test this, if you’re serious about it :slight_smile: