Xg3 with magnet

Hi everyone,
Another question for the pros/smart people.
I have had my installation of my xg3 and have had an idea I needed info on.
Wanting to know if I was to have a small magnet left on my implant would it cause any harm or deterioration to my xg3. When not in use as a fun fidgeter I’m wanting to make a small charm/Pendant attached to the magnet.
Thanks in advance.

I believe it is generally considered a good idea to avoid pinching the skin for too long by having something stuck to the magnet on the outside.

So, probably a bad idea - not for the health of the magnet, but for yours.


Pinching the skin above the magnet (I think about 20 min? is already too much - The Enigma stated something along those lines) can kill the skin cells. Worst case the magnet can just fall out and you are left with a nasty nasty scar. Or infection.

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yeah basically the constant pressure on the skin between the magnets chokes it of blood flow and you get necrosis (tissue death)… it’s just not a good idea. If your skin was just dead leather sure it would be fine, but it’s a living organ and needs uninterrupted blood flow.


Amal hit the nail on the head here.
Think along the lines of bed sores in hospital patients. If patients are immobile and not routinely moved, the constant pressure on the skin creates ulcers and can even cause tissue death if it lasts long enough. If the skin does not get a break from the pressure you will essentially end up with a bed sore there. The ulcers themselves can very quickly lead to infection.


Thanks everyone for the prompt replies, won’t be proceeding with that idea :joy:

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