xG3v2 magnet wound care

Hi! I am approaching the 2 week mark since my injection with the magnet. It’s awesome, and I don’t regret getting it at all. I am becoming a bit concerned however because the wound still isn’t entirely closed, though most of the bruising has gone away. I’m probably going to suture it this weekend (I initially had hoped that it would close on its own), but I want to get some opinions of people who have got one before. Thanks in advance!

Pics please

Can you upload a few more images? some close up shots?

Are you able to see the magnet?

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Yes, but just the very top. Its not in danger if actually coming out, if I close the skin it’s in a very secure location.

Yeah, im sorry but there isnt a lot you can do exept of pushing it out and then re installing it.

Who was the installer?


I did it myself. Though I’m not too sure I have to take it out, why wouldn’t I just be able to suture it? The magnet isn’t sticking out at all.

I’m not an expert but if I had to guess, I’d say it was not implanted deep enough and it will migrate out.
You can try and wait a little longer as long as it’s not swelling or getting tender. I don’t think a suter will help here as it’s already scabbed over but I’m not qualified to answer that with any authority.

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Thank you for the opinion. One last question though, what about squeezing the hole closed and super glueing it? Also yea definitely not taking any opinions as medical advice or anything.

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I don’t think it’s just a matter of closing the hole. The magnet is not in the right layer of the fascia. Because it’s basically a transdermal at this point, the body will handle it as a foreign body and push it out regardless. Best bet is to remove it, and have it installed by a professional who can sterilize it. Though talk to Dangerous Things about the proper re-sterilization technique as magnets are sensitive to heat.

There are other threads in this forum with the same issue. You can look to see how they were handled and the outcomes.



You can do a lot as long as it stays under the surface, once it breaches… it gets exponentially sketchier as time passes…


The implant is showing so I’d get it removed ASAP!


disclaimer: Not Medical advice.
I’m just a piercer who has also been there (there is a very similar pic of my own magnet in that state here on the forum somewhere. I did remove it to reinstall)

Also, I’m not able to see it in person…
But judging by the pictures, the skin around the entry wound is already “dead skin” (similar to calluses)
Even if you stitch or glue it, the odds of it really closing are minimal.

Despite that, you have an open hole there, which is an invite for bacteria and whatnots to come inside…

Beyond all that, the longer it stays like that, the more “scar tissue” you’ll build around the magnet, and that reduces sensitivity.

So by removing, letting the flesh heal… You’ll also let your body get rid of that scar tissue, so when you reimplant it, it’ll be fresh and with better feeling.
Whilst even if you manage to close it back and keep the magnet as is now, odds are your pocket will be thicker than necessary and will include more scar tissue in it, reducing the feeling you’ll get.


Thanks everyone! I just removed it, no complications other than it being slightly sore. I will probably get it put in by a piercer some time down the road but I definitely am gonna need a break from having an open hole in my hand :sweat_smile: Any last advice for the healing process post removal would be appreciated!


If you put it back in, don’t autoclave it.
Heating it up will destroy the magnet.


Yeah, magnets have to be sterilized at a low temperature. There are a few methods for this but those are not as common as wet heat.

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Good call

2 things:

  • as mentioned above, avoid high heat. so EO gas would be the ideal
    You could send to Amal

This :point_up: is your best option, however a safe alternative and what you can do at home, with a few cheap items (if you have them, or can buy them)
Put the xG3 in 70% IPA in a glass vial.

And yes 70% not 100%…

But really, go for Amals option.

  • Personally I would suggest. if you are planning on reimplanting in the same location, check before you do that there is limited scarring, as you will potentially lose a lot of sensitivity

Also, did you happen to record the process?

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This is my most likely route of sterilization. I’m certain that the sterilization has been compromised when I uninstalled the product unfortunately :sob:

I’m pretty sure that it happened way earlier while it was in your skin. :grimacing:

That’s interesting. What’s the thinking behind that?