xGLO restock in the future?

I implanted my xGLO a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I was hoping to order a few more just a moment ago but realized that they are out of stalk now. Does anyone know if there is any plan to restock them in the future? Would much rather have a dangerous things model rather then any other.

We have no plans to ever restock this item… ironically, it’s just too dangerous for Dangerous Things.


Oh no! Shoot well im glad I got one before you ran out of stalk of them. I really do love it and hope you can get something similar in the future.

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This thing is veeery risky to have, like really.


You might even say its a “dangerous thing”…



I’m pretty stoked I got the last two in the world that will ever be made.

actually… I have one more. It’s a huge ass prototype… 4mm diameter x 32mm long… but because of it’s size I don’t think it would be a good idea to put it into anyone…

I’m pretty sure the risk of breaking is too high.


I can imagine several of those resting just under the skin surface between your ribs.

Hard to see, but damn it would be a cool ass look.


hah not based on tritium, that’s for sure. maybe based on glow powder, but you’d have to “charge it up” first like any other glow in the dark thing… and it wouldn’t last very long.

i have a star in my ear that works like that and I love it


Woah! is that an implant or sorts? Looks awesome

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It is! It’s a subdermal silicone implant.


thats… scary.