xLed does not turn on

A few weeks ago I installed in my hand the xLED, already under the swelling and I tried with different readers and I can’t make the light shine, is it broken? HELP :frowning:

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What frequency is your xLED?
What are you using to “read” it with?

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I’m pretty sure there are only HF xLEDs on the market at the moment.

If you’re trying to light the LED with your phone, you should download an NFC reader app and open it, then try.

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You are supposed to choose the frequency at checkout. the HF xLED is default and might be why it isn’t reading. trying using your cell phone’s NFC reader.

Also make sure to remember orientation is important with normal “flat” readers. I can only get my phone to read when i’m perpendicular to the coil windings.

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Cheers @Satur9 ,
sorry I should have had a look at the stock.
I guess it’s a future product.
That narrows down the diagnosis.

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you have a hf one so nfc should work. your phones nfc can be a weak signal so go and try and find a credit card reader that takes wireless pay ie apple pay or android pay.

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I need your help, a few weeks ago I purchased an xLED and I couldnt make it bright, I’ve tried with different nfc lectors and even with soñé Android and IOS phones but I havent had any success. Its been weeks since my hand is completely heal. The instalation was made on the zone you recomended on the user manual. What can I do? How can I know if my chip is broken?

Which NFC readers have you tried to use?

hello everyone,

Tried this but it doesn’t seem to work for me My beats have only white lights (not blinking)when charging And won’t power on when i hold the power button I tried the normal reset (power+vol down) but nothing seemed to happen Anyone have any solutions to this?

thanks and regards


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I think you are talking about these,
correct?, If so, then you probably want to check this out