XLED field detector- Is there a way to power it, just to look cool?

I’ve implanted the NExT and a XLED field detector- right next to each other, so my question is: is there a way to power the led without possibly causing damage to the NExT?

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Based on the testing @amal has done listed here (specificaly the emp testing)

I would be surprised if you damaged it without burning out the LED.

Regarding actually powering it, this project might interest you:

Just make a small 13.56 MHz oscillator with a coil to create an empty carrier and it’ll light up. The intelligent part of the NExT will get power also but will just sit there doing nothing, it as it won’t receive any data.

Alternatively, you can also implant a xG3 in your other hand, drink a metric shitton of coffee to get the shakes, and wave the magnet really fast in front of the NExT :slight_smile:


Haha, while option two sounds like tons of fun I’ll probably go with the first option. I’ve been reading up on the oscillator coil bracelet idea, and I’d love to help bring that to fruition.

It’s just a one transistor affair. You’ll find circuits everywhere on the internet. It doesn’t really have to be tuned or anything.

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