Xled frequency question ;)


i am thinking about getting a Xled.

Now im not sure which one to get.

My goal is to geht “random” blinks Form stuff like payment devices in stores and other stuff that is out there.

Can anybody tell me which frequency is more likely to get some reads?

Payment terminals are HF.

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Yeah, as @yeka said above High Frequency 13.56MHz

For xSeries implants, you have xLED like you asked about in red and white options,
also xSIID with more colour options ( Green, blue, red, white ) and some storage memory

Here is @adiev with a blue xSIID at a vending machine

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This implies that there is a flex variant… these are HF “fingernail” LEDs.


Wow, The xSIID is the one i want <3

But i need to save up some months so i can buy it.

Hope the Green is not sold out until then!

Thanks again <3

Still waiting for the Xg3 V2 :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: