xLED in Earlobe?

The chat with my friends took longer than expected, but don’t worry the reason why is awesome enough: We decided to team up and we want to do some bigger projects together, and we decided in the long chat that we had last night to include the experimental earlobe placement to the other interesting things we already had on our schedule.
For the projects I had in mind for quite some time, it was necessary to move to Greece for the next months. I had a request from my father, helping him in his clinic, and on days when we have no surgeries on schedule, I can do my projects in a sterile environment.
But there is a lot to do before we can start this, including a self isolation with my family because we came to Greece from our other home which is right now a Corona high risk area in Germany…(that’s why we have do our planning online in a chat)
The other good thing is that I will have more time to check what’s going on here in the forum (at long as our twins don’t surprise me with other stuff during our isolation at home :sweat_smile: )

I have found someone for my team who can try some things. He is starting today with some tests. :slightly_smiling_face: so I can get this problem maybe solved by someone who is a technical pro and crazy enough to get something done I believe.
I’ve made HF and LF implants, so he has two options to test with which means maybe one solution will work out in the end.

Funny idea, but why not?! Imagine something like a Halo reader hidden under a stylish hat… :thinking: sounds good enough for a plan B if nothing else works :+1:

That problem might have many people, but we will see what we can do about that in the future. Most problems can be solved, I believe.

Normally I’m very careful with selling such things to people, since a friend tried to steal my ideas. But you are right. Let me sort something out first… I’m about to get my implants certified as biocompatible and sterile components with no health risk to a human body, which will it make a lot easier to get them shipped out to anyone who is interested in these type of implants. Also there is a public beta test upcoming :zipper_mouth_face: I’ll let you know then. (SOON)

You would be very welcome! :smiley: there’s a lot of blinky and glowy stuff over there :star_struck:

I’m getting a sneak preview together ASAP.

Also for all other people here who would like to see some preview photos and videos. Don’t worry I’m on it.


This all sounds very amazing and promising! Really hope the amount of work you put in it will pay off :wink:

Since you already mentioned you work together with a bodmod-supplier, are there any chances these babies will be available for bodmod-artists or piercing studios at some time?


That is correct :grinning: and the good news here is that their products are certified in all European countries, which gives me the hope that at least some of my products might be available within their shop anytime soon, maybe also produced by them in the factory which comes with another big bonus since all of their products are plasma sterile when shipped out to customers! Another part of my work might be available through a different company which is interested too. :wink:

For me it’s not important to make money with it (my job turns out well enough for this, since I had some VIPs under my scalpel lately…), I would like it much more to see happy people who are very happy with these implants at a very fair price. :smiley:

This is the plan that I have. I’m checking all the possibilities for this. But it looks very good for a european certification, hopefully in Germany first, since there is a very good body modification scene (but of course I’m checking the laws in other countries too) so if all goes well, Arnulf might get some nice things to work with in the future. And when this great day really comes I will bring the first implants personally to Cologne, because I really like his work! :grin: hope he can start to work soon again…



Very nice idea! Keep me updated, if you and / or Arnulf need some happy guinea pig for testing :wink:


Ha OKAAYYYY, So I thought there would be a handful of image results for


But apparently there is quite the fanbase

Here is ONE just for you


Holy… holy… holy guinicorn?

Didn’t know that such a thing exists, but currently it’s all like “put a horn on anything you like, and you’ll sell it a lot better” :smile:

That being said…


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Haha topic goes from xLED to …

Classic :slight_smile:

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totally need to be in on this too, please


Sorryyyyyyyy :smile:
Wasn’t there a thought about some 2021-most-derail-y-person-at-all-badge? I officially make an application for that :wink:

I Think there would be a few people in the running for that…including myself


On track

All fixed now :wink:

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