xLED in Earlobe?

Hey :slight_smile:
This was a crazy idea a friend of mine had once (we were not particulary sober at this moment lol)
I still couldn’t get it out of my head, even though I am not interested in really doing it, so purely hypothetical thinking, hope thats the right category for that kind of topic…
Here’s the thing:
Could you implant a xLED into your earlobes, what do you think?
Sure, not everybody would have big enough earlobes, and you would still definitely see it from outside.
But hell! Just imagine how well you could see the light, and the ear seems a great place to hide a coil for constantly lighting it up/ letting it flash, like when partying or something.

If not the current xLED, I am sure someone could build something that made this possible.
How do you feel about this idea, do you have the same picture in your head, someone walking in the dark, slightly illuminated by two red glowing earlobes?


If the install was as easy as installing an xLED in the hand I’d say go for it, but it seems much more difficult because of how little skin there is and all the cartilage. Wouldn’t you be better served by a piercing?

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Would… would the xLED glow when I answer a phone call?


[quote=“yeka, post:3, topic:9499, full:true”]
Would… would the xLED glow when I answer a phone call?
[/quote] haha didn’t think about that but its just another wild picure in my head. Would probably require some practice calls^^

[quote=“Satur9, post:2, topic:9499”]
because of how little skin there is and all the cartilage. Wouldn’t you be better served by a piercing?
[/quote] Yeah, it would be difficult, painful and maybe dangerous. Of course you could do an earring or sth with a xLED, but that wouldn’t be as cool as an implant. Could imagine the LED as a plug for a little tunnel though…
I am not thinking about this because I want to do it now or in the nearer Future, so…
Imagine a flexLED, circular shape, 0.5-1mm thick, maybe 5-7mm in diameter with a spiral shaped coil.
That would let it seem much more possible I think.

Would it glow when you are wearing in-ear-headphones? :smirk:

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In the lobe? I can imagine easier way to make your ear blink.
Glass chip over the cartilage… I have parts on my own ear where it would be possible.

Lobe is almost impossible for me… No space to make pocket…for currently available DT products.

Well, not a DT Specific product, But DIY…
@kayTH made a pair of earings with the older xFDs

“Finished” product



:thinking: I knew I saw something somewhere that was custom made…
Also @ShaakPsi has custom blinky…
Alternatively you can go with glow-in-the dark silicone implants.


I think the most obvious danger to having an xLED (or any x series implant) in your earlobe would be how easy it could break under pressure. When it’s between the metacarpals of your hand, there’s a very low risk of it getting impacted, because it’s surrounded by bone things around it, so it has a pocket of protection between the bones. In the earlobe, the only hard stuff around it would be your skull, and if you get hit with anything in the ear it wouldn’t have the protection of anything hard on the other side, and could shatter in your ear.


Thanks for the answers.
I kinda anticipated it would not be really possible, especially the glass implants.
Those earrings are super cool, my sister would really love them^^

“Cybornidas - exp - lowfrequency - MicroLED
(Early (non public) beta test version of a micro LED implant powered by low frequency and specially designed for tiny parts of the human body like little fingers)”
I think it is this what you mean, sounds interesting, I will keep it in the back of my mind.
Thats the guy who is developing it.


Yeah, he’s active on this forum as well.


Sorry, I’ve seen this very late because of too much work in the past weeks. And I’m working now though all the missed mentions and messages. :sweat_smile:

The guy who makes them is my husband, and he is currently not active in the forum or on Instagram, because he is building a very interesting big thing on a new Discord server with a lot of photo and video information about his work.
I will check back with him later when I’m at home, because he has made a very small implantable LED that might be fitting this purpose. But since this is a new one, it’s also a beta test version currently, so don’t expect to get it fast…


Any chance any of us could see this? I have absolutely no expectations of being able to access it, but am super curious :slight_smile:

Hope your Titan install continues to heal well, and I look forward to seeing your husband’s current / future endeavors


Gosh now I’m excited for these too, sheesh they look smazing


Easiest way would to just stretch your ears and pop in a led plug

I have been looking for a decent one tbh tho as the ones I found use old alkaline cells like you find in a cat laser (which die really quickly which is naff)

Trying to find ones that use better cells my self soni can have light up plugs in my ear at 10mm

I’m using the Deadstretching method went from 1mm to 4mm so far and i started on the 4th of Feb

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That sounds really cool! I’m not into discord, will it be open to the public or would you have to get a personal invitation?

I agree just putting an LED Plug would be easiest, but not the coolest.
This was more of a theoretical thought anyways.

I will probably wait for smaller flat LEDs coming out and put them maybe somewhere in my face, its the only place I can think of you could show off well in everyday life, without being like “check out that cool thing on my forearm”

I don’t want to rush anything, but checking in here once in a while and see whats new and intersting. Like the great Work of @Cybornidas :+1:


Sorry for being not active the past months, I’ve missed a lot of things here…

This idea of @CraftFreak looks interesting enough to me to give it a try. In fact I have made some very small micro LED implants which are possibly small enough for earlobes (or even placement somewhere in the face)

sounds good to me, my version 1 was a bit longer and thicker, the new version 2 that I made are pretty close to that and also no risk of breaking because I use a special biopolymer for my LED implants. I get it from a family member who is the co owner of a piercing and subdermals factory.
Also I’m working on a smaller version 3 right now, but not sure if it works…

Currently I’m thinking about the possibilities of lighting it up… It’s not that easy, but I’m on it.

Tomorrow I have a chat with some Greek DIY Biohackers and some surgeon friends who might be helpful with the experimental earlobe placement, since this is not really the area of the body that I’m working on normally. I will tell you what they think as soon as I know more.

Of course! Let me think about it how I can show you. It’s interesting content there. Maybe I make a video (screen recording) within the next days and share it with you directly :slightly_smiling_face:


I have still a little bit of work ahead on this server, but I’m starting with early invitations within the next days. Maybe I send you also a screen recording video from my Discord Server. (Also to all others who are interested :wink: )
I would like to have as many nice people as possible, that are paying my Discord Server a visit as soon as everything is ready!

Back online tomorrow (to go through a lot of unanswered messages) :sweat_smile:


Yeah, that is another problem… Haven’t seen good solutions yet and am absolutely not tech-savvy enough yet to start developing it on my own. Hell I don’t even understand proxmark.
Yours are LF so far, as I understood you can get a better range compared to HF?
I was thinking about where to put the batteries, the coil/ pcb antenna could probably easily be hidden in clothes, maybe even glasses or in a choker like design, but the battery and other tech would have to be attached to a belt or sth and then you would have cables all over your body…
Or one could build a hat including all the tech haha

Great! Looking forward, but no hurry, I’m 20, if anything I got time^^

Thanks, will be interesting. Probably I won’t be doing it (have kinda small earlobes, too) but information always wants to be free :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there are any test / alpha / beta versions you’d sell to such dummies as myself.
Even if they are not ready to be implanted - it is so much easier to start a conversation by saying ‘I already have’…

Would love to be one of them! Can’t wait!

That works too, my DMs should be open here IIRC :slight_smile: