xLED next to payment implant. how close to scanner?

ok from my other post i’m looking for advice on where to place the payment implant so it’s easy to actually present to a scanner in a shop but at hte same time for added “effect” i’m wanting an xLED to light up as the payment is made.

i can’t have these implants closer than 5mm to eachother (not sure why tbh but guess they interfere with one another) so is it likely that an implant which is say 10mm away from a scanner will light up?

i know this depends on the scanner but say in a shop with a normal contactless payment reader, that sort of thing.

i’m looking for an indication of distance based on your experiences of having these implants. so long as hte payment goes thru i’m not super worried about the led lighting up but it would be cool and if it’s possible to do then why not see if i can get it to work - so just looking for a best guess as i’m still trying to figure out the actual best position for both in my hand.


Its quite late here in germany, I was in bed already and checked the forum in bed, saw your post and felt like I can do a quick video for you.

hope it helps a bit and tells you something about the range of xleds :wink:

Uploading: VID_20220927_041952.mp4…

You could get the payment implant installed, buy a additional xfd and play around with it taped to your hand or something like that. I think its a good way to find the best installation spot so it can light up wit your payment implant.

Alright, I’m out for today.

Edit: hope the video works now



That was unbelievably helpful :+1:t2:

I did realise the xLED may not light up all the time and that it also depended on the strength of the reader. The orientation of it to the reader seems to mean that although the payment will go thru the xLED might not be in the sweet spot to light up anyway so this’ll just be an added bonus

The payment chip looks like it could be read thru my hand to the position of it is not as critical as I was thinking. There was quite a gap between the card and reader in the video and that’s good to see

Thanks very much for that I appreciate you taking the time to do that it was truly helpful :+1:t2:

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Remember that a flex implant is also much smaller than a card and you’ll also have to be much closer to the reader than the card in the video. It’ll only really have a read range of a few mm more than your xLED

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Just adding my 2cents,
from experience with mine (the older copper antenna payment conversion) I would get consistent reads of 8-12mm, but I would generally just make contact with the reader because it was easier.

Also a note to your plan, your best chance to get an xLED AND payment flex to operate at the same time, I would suggest that your xLED would need to be perpendicular to your flex, because that’s how they both optimally read.
Flex parallel to antenna
xSeries perpendicular to antenna

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