xLED/xDF2 Implant Locations to Ensure xLED Illuminates When xDF2 is Read

Hey y’all, I plan on getting the two implants above however I have concerns regarding the xLED reliably lighting when the xDF2 is read.

I have small boney hands and so don’t feel I can implant both in the first web space. Instead I’m planning to implant the xLED in the first web space and the xDF2 in the knife edge.

Do you think this will create too much distance between the two? Also does orientation matter?

xDF2 is sold out/ out of stock and i believe they will not be back in stock until the replacement chips can be sourced.

Unless the reader is VERY powerful


xSeries Perpendicular to the reader antenna

Do you specifically need DesFire?

The FlexDF2 is in stock…
Parallel to the reader if you were wondering

I would be surprised if you couldn’t, if you plan ahead, there should be plenty of space for both, even keeping them ≥ 5mm apart


Thanks for the response, I was worried the distance would easily be too far.

If I can implant both in the first web space that easily seems like the most ideal placement, I’ll default to this unless I get objections from the body artist.

I’m not hardstuck on the xDF2, my largest attractor towards it was the 8kB memory and glass construction.

I know its out of stock, but I’m willing to bide my time for another six to twelve months. This project has been a few years in the works already.

Assuming they never return, I’ll hope for something new or cave and get a NExT or an xSIID.

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